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Day 4 of the 30 Day Challenge

I would absolutely adore a Omi’s Kitchen Tree. I know, it’s weird, but ever since she passed last year I just find myself imagining all the deliciousness that she created in her kitchen. I long for her dinner crepes, her naked mice, her simple seasoned parsnips. I can’t seem to master even the simplest looking dishes, like her colored noodles or her secret to sandwiches. I’m pretty sure that her cheesecakes are the reason I love deserts, and that her holiday dinners are the reason I look forward to Christmas each year.

It would just be so awesome to be able to go out back and pluck a schnitzel from my tree and enjoy the orgasm in my mouth. I really do miss that woman. She would cook for everyone, but be so full from snacking on the process of creating such delights that meals were me stuffing my face while she tried to get in a quality conversation. If Omi’s food grew on trees, I think I’d still be laughing through my cheeks full of noms.


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