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Day 6 – Things We Reuse

I totally skipped day 5 because it had me all hung up and feeling awkward and I decided that skipping it was better than giving up on this entire challenge. It’s for the best, day 5. Don’t be sad.

So we reuse a lot of things around here. Not as much as I’d like due to the craftiness being absent from my bones lately. Here are our top 5 reuses:

  1. Jars: Who doesn’t reuse jars? I feel like some weird elderly woman sometimes because I have a huge collection of jars from jams and sauces and other various containers from things just in case I do decide to make sugar scrubs or cookie mixes. I can’t possibly be alone in this one. Why let such awesome and free containers go to waste?
  2. Plastic grocery bags: Not even exciting… we use them for the kitty litter.
  3. Brown paper bags: This one’s more exciting. I use it not only for packages (I make my own envelopes too for odd-shaped letters), but for holiday gift wrap as well. My family thinks I’m weird because my gifts are brown with colorful yarn. Tehehe.
  4. Clothing: Clothing that doesn’t fit is either remodeled into something that does fit, or cut up and thrown into a scrap bin for smaller projects. Can’t let cool patterns go to waste!
  5. Paper: This is a recent thing we picked up. AS much as Miss Gaia likes to draw we started saving paper from business letters and bills and such for her to draw on the back of. She was reluctant at first, but since we don’t have a printer we no longer buy printer paper. She’s completely content with it now.



  1. Great ideas. I do the same thing with paper bags!

  2. What great ideas!

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