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Determined to be pain free…

When I was bigger in my pregnancy with Gaia, my back pains got worse with lots of pain throughout all my lower regions. I had a crying fit in my midwife’s office about how I wasn’t sure if I could trust my body to do what I needed it to to birth my beautiful baby. I did still have the natural birth I wanted with minimal pain and effort. However, throughout all these years (almost 5 years, oh my where has the time gone!) I still need help off the floor. A crappy nights sleep would warrant a horrible day ahead. I never escaped the pain that came with being pregnant and giving birth to my mini beebs.

When I barely started swelling up with this pregnancy, I started getting lower back pains. As my belly grows so does my pain. It gradually intensified throughout the last few weeks. I need help switching sides when sleeping, using Hutch as an anchor often. I can barely walk long distances; even lots of little walking, like running errands, hurts. I started getting shooting pains from my bum around the outside of my leg to the front of my knee.

After attending Howl-o-scream with my father a week and a half ago I decided I needed to get a handle on it before it got worse and I couldn’t move. So I started seeing a chiropractor. He’s a very nice guy and pro-home birth which is fabulous. He understands how important it is to get my body functioning ASAP.

The problem is my S.I. joint. It’s essentially where my hips connect to my back, which makes total sense when I think about my pain.

I’ve had three adjustments so far and although it’s getting better, I still don’t get long term results. I am working on my seated position mainly. I sit with my left leg in a half Indian-style bend. This is bad. So I’m trying to change that habit. I’m also trying ice packs on really bad days. Today he told me to wear tennis shoes when running errands or walking around a lot. I’m super bummed because I hate shoes, but I’m willing to sacrifice that luxury for some relief.

I still have appointments scheduled for after my trip. Here’s to continued efforts!

(Oh yeah, PS: I’m going on a cruise tomorrow for 8 days and I only have one post scheduled! I am going to try my hardest to have fun, so wish me luck!)


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