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Do You Kiss Your Kiddos on the Lips?

Yes, yes I do. Now this photo is nearly 2 years old, but apparently it’s the best one I got of our smooches. Here Gaia is two, but she’s four now and we still smooch it up on a regular basis. We actually love exchanging kisses sometimes having kiss fests ending in giggles and slobbery faces. It’s situational sometimes and we’ll do the cheek thing. I’m quite certain that when she gets older she’ll lean more towards cheek kisses. But until she denies them, lip kissies all the way!

As a side note, sometimes people deny her lip kisses and she doesn’t quite understand why she can kiss mommy and not Grandpa Pat or Miss Brenda on the lips. She doesn’t put up too much of a fight and is down for cheek exchanges, but I do find myself wondering if we kiss on the lips too much…

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  1. Aww, cute photo! I never thought about if our daughter might be confused about not kissing others on the lips. I know she kisses everyone else on the cheek, if at all.

    Thanks for linking up this week!

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