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Eight Fears

Eight Fears:

  1. I am afraid of falling. Not heights, just falling.
  2. I am afraid of being alone.
  3. I am afraid of not being loved and having no one to love.
  4. I am afraid of my life passing by faster than I can notice.
  5. I am afraid of losing everyone I care about.
  6. I have been afraid of clowns since I was 4 years old.
  7. I am still afraid of clowns as an adult woman. I close my eyes and push through haunted houses with clown rooms.
  8. I am afraid of letting people down.


  1. OMG- Don’t even get me stated with clowns! Darns, I sould have put this one on my list too >_< After watching this one clown movie, don't remember the name, but ever since then I've been terrified of clowns. They're so creepy looking.

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