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Honduras & Grand Cayman

Folks, Honduras was my absolute favorite place. I dropped Gaia off at Camp Carnival because of our “bad day” in Belize. She had a blast and made a tee shirt, a bracelet, and a bear so I’m sure it was equally enjoyable for her. (Walking around with mommy while she shops can be tough for a 4-year-old, I can only imagine.)

The view was awesome from the boat…

& the ship looked adorable from the land:

That night Gaia passed out from too much fun at camp.

And it was needed because my favorite part of the cruise was in Grand Cayman when we took a tender out to a sand bar and played with sting rays!!!

Uncle Steve and me
The whole family plus a sting ray, minus Opi
He was quite slimy!
But we kissed him anyway (Gaia & my dad)
The boat ride home was cold from being wet…

We went to the turtle farm and played with turtles too!

My dad took Gaia back to the ship so my sister and I could shop. Grand Cayman is really expensive. Gas was like $5 a gallon. And honestly, nearly everything I saw was common stuff you can find in America for cheaper. I did buy my mom some tea though, so it’s all good. šŸ™‚

Thursday I’m going to host a giveaway here, so don’t forget to come back and snag some goodies from my awesome adventures!



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  2. Whoa, that’s cool that you can swim with the stingrays! I would be scared to death! Lol.

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