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I’m back!

Jeez that was fun! Too much fun if you ask me. I’m so tired and I want to take lots of naps and order take out and not unpack ever. That’s how I feel today.

I think I’m going to do an update of my cruise vacation in 3 parts. I’ll do Mexico and Belize (shopping in Mexico, snorkeling in Belize) and then I’ll do Honduras and Grand Cayman (more shopping in Honduras, animal excursions in Grand Cayman). Right now I just want to share with you some awesome photos from our ship parties and family dinners!

Our ship, the Carnival Legend.
Hanging out at the deck party. Gaia, my sister, me, and my cousin, Shawna.
A sunset from some random evening.
Check out that towel frog, yo! (That’s my Opi and sister, Ashton, in front of me.)
This is me with my Uncle Steve. He’s really awesome. šŸ™‚
Gaia rockin’ my drink umbrella.
This is my cousin Brandon. Gaia followed him everywhere she could!
My father, my sister, and me at the Captain’s Dinner.
My dad and me on elegant night #2.
Our fantastic waiters are singing us a farewell song.
An amazing sunrise!

After I’m done updating I have a little surprise for you guys. Stay tuned this week to read all about my cruise time fun!



  1. I have always wanted to go on a cruise. They seem so much fun! I’m so jealous. Looks like it was amazing so far. I can’t wait to see the rest of the trip

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