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Mexico & Belize

I suppose it all started with the welcome aboard deck party followed by a day at sea. We mostly just hung out by the pool and danced on the deck. Gaia chose the pole to dance around, like always. She’s so strange, my tiny pole dancer.

The following day (day 3) we headed off to Mexico. Most of my family went to see the Mayan ruins, but because I had Gaia and my hip issues, I didn’t feel like we should go for a several hour hike. My dad had already seen the ruins, so he went with us to go shopping. I honestly didn’t find too much because the port was themed for drinking and sex. Lots of tourist-y stuff, I got Gaia her hair wrapped though, and bout her a tiny Mexican doll. It was kind of laid back and overall a nice chill day.

Gaia with my dad

On day 4 we had an excursion planned for snorkeling off the edge of the reef in Belize. I was really excited to go, but Gaia unfortunately wanted nothing to do with going any deeper than where she would touch. So we spent the snorkeling portion on the beach. When my family got back Gaia played on the beach with my cousins and Shawna took her kayaking. But she was really stubborn most of the day, which is why on the boat ride back we look so mad at each other. Haha.

my sister and me
Shawna with Gaia
my cousin Shawna and sister Ashton
me with Uncle Steve.

This was the worst day, but it wasn’t a complete flop. Shopping was rushed and not very exciting. Also, my bathing suit was giving me issues, as you can tell by my boobs nearly flopping out of every photo. Oh, the woes of being female…

More tomorrow!



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