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Reluctant Productivity

You know how sometimes you just out things off because it doesn’t seem important at that time and you just let it pile up in secret until it drives you absolutely crazy? I do this, a lot. I have so many deadlines in the next three days. It’s ridiculous.

We’re going on a cruise on Sunday with my father’s side of the family. It was a 50th anniversary thing for my grandparents, but my Omi passed last year so we’re scattering her ashes instead. It’s going to be a sad event, but an event none-the-less.

So today I’m doing laundry, grocery shopping for Hutch so he’s not starving while we’re gone, paying bills in advance, turning in a bazillion online assignments EARLY so I don’t miss deadlines, and running a handful of other random errands that need to be done. I’m tired already and I think I’m going to pause and take a nap.

This pregnancy is really rough on my back already. I’m already feeling the sting of walking and it’s only after 11am.


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