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The Adventure Moves Upstairs

Sunday night I fell asleep around 8pm and so I of course woke up around 11pm no longer tired. I was a bit thirsty, and we did not have any water left in the fridge. I heard footsteps from my upstairs neighbor and I decided that instead of braving the tap, I would go and ask nicely for a bottle of water. I don’t hang out there too often, but they are nice guys and I know from previous encounters that they do have water to offer guests. Little did I know I’d soon be the only woman in a room full of drunk Palestinian men…

I do enjoy speaking with them, though I don’t know a lick of Arabic. They generally try to speak English around me, but some are better than others at the language. We were talking about regular things at first, then we started talking about internet providers. This conversation somehow led to talking about pornography, and then all of a sudden I was a vessel for them to learn all of women’s secrets.

First off, I’d like to clarify that I was never made to feel uncomfortable. I was never hit on, or asked anything I would consider too personal. It was just a friendly conversation in which I was asked thousands of questions, all of which I admit to have answered before.

We talked about sexual positions, penis size, and I even taught some poor soul where the clitoris was. (He had a smart phone and I used the Google app, before you get any wrong ideas.) I learned that apparently Arabic women wax their entire body and the only hair is on their head or in the shape of eyebrows. Thus, it is custom for the Arabic men to desire women who have no body hair. I tried very hard not to be offended, but I admit that I was because they almost made me feel like no shaving my legs, armpits, or “cha cha” on a  regular basis was an insult to my boyfriend. Some later admitted that if their wives asked after years of marriage if they could stop shaving/waxing, and they were good wives that they loved, they would consent to hairy partners.

I was up there for nearly two hours, and needless to say it was  very interesting night. I actually had a lot of fun, got some hilarious ideas for baby names, and met some really cool guys. Best bottle water experience so far…


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