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A Thrift Store Adventure

I need a new camera. Lately mine has been doing this weird thing where it blurs any photo that needs flash. I’ve cleaned the flash, I’ve cleaned the lens. I have no idea what’s going on with it really. It makes me not want to take pictures of anything, bah.

Anyhow, I really like second-hand stores. It’s been my go-to method of obtaining items forever. I’m probably going to go again today because I realized I am short a casserole dish for Thanksgiving. That just isn’t cool, you know?

I introduced Hutch to Once Upon A Child this past weekend. I had a bag of Gaia’s clothes that needed to be donated, but I always like to see if I can get anything out of them first. So I found my local children’s consignment store and we traded in some things.

See that crappy photo? It didn’t even look that bad until I uploaded it. Ugh…

Miss Gaia doesn’t like jeans very much at all. So I got her some brown pants, green cargo pants, and some cute corduroys with the tag still on it. I tried to stick with mix and match colors for simplicity. I also got her a white button up, a grey turtle neck (jersey material though, for comfort), and this cranberry long-sleeved shirt.

And I could not resist that summer dress. It was only $4 and it is so freaking adorable.

To make it a little more interesting for Hutch, we also got the baby his first outfits. Check it:

Hutch plays guitar, so we had to get our son some rockin’ onesies. And look… tiny shorts! *squee*



  1. Love your blog! Just found you through the blog hop – now following via GFC & excited to read more! 🙂

    Love your header – so unique and pretty!


  2. I love the rockin monkey shirt!

  3. You found some great items! We don’t have any good second hand stores around here, but I do love buying the kids clothes at yard sales!

  4. I have found some amazing finds at the Thrift Store, mostly electronic, but I do love going.

  5. Oh my gosh – I’m in love with the guitar shorts and those adorable plaid shorts! I hope that our next one is a boy!!

  6. I wish the thrift stores around here were beter. Thankfully we have an outlet not terribly far away!


  7. I love thrift store shopping, there is always great stuff to find, you got some great clothes!!

  8. We love your blog, We are all about thrift store shopping and you pick up some cute stuff. Which thrift stores do you go too?

    We are following you!
    Please check out our blog :

    -Autumn & Athena

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