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Shary is currently…

Anticipating the last few Christmas gifts to arrive in the mail. I did some deal shopping last week and the week before and I really just need to find wrapping paper and some boxes to get Christmas rolling. I don’t have a tree, and if I did I know it’d be silly to put it up already. I still feel anxious to get the wrapping finished and finalized… I feel incomplete!

Buying nothing else for a while. I’ve actually been spending the past few days trying to wrap my head around our budget and set clear boundaries for our family on what are necessary purchases. Our biggest problem is eating out once we run through our grocery budget, and that’s not really how it should work. It’s my fault mostly, for being a slacker housewife lately. But now I’m trying to fix it so that’s super fun… NOT.

Needing all the naps. I feel so tired today. And I made Kool-aid so we would have something other than milk and water to drink and the sugary goodness is making me have terrible heartburn. Therefore, I’m surviving today on Papaya Enzymes.

Thinking about painting my nails today. I haven’t painted them since my cruise and I feel like some color could cheer me up.

Ignoring the little negative twinge in my brain trying to make me feel helpless and sad. It could very easily become one of those days, but I’m trying desperately to distract myself and make the most of each situation. Here’s to the power of positivity!

What are you currently up to?



  1. I love buying Christmas gifts for other people. I love wrapping them even more!

    I’m with you on the buying thing. I just got back from Walmart and ONLY bought what was on my list. That is a miracle I tell you. It is ridiculous how much I spend there normally because I impulse buy a lot.

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