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Day 7 – All Things Sleeping

My bed never gets made. My room rarely gets vacuumed. We really only hang out in it to dress and sleep anyhow, so there’s not much going on in there at the moment. Underneath is still clean, amazingly enough. (I just checked, hehe.) Sometimes there are cats. I can hear them being crazy in the middle of the night. Can someone explain to me why cats get all this energy at night and nap all day long? It’s ridiculous…

But speaking of beds and things like sleeping, I have this inability to make it through an entire day without napping and I, too, am up throughout the night trying to decide what quiet activity I can do to keep myself occupied until I am sleepy again. Insomnia is common in pregnancy, they say, but I just want to get through a normal day and sleep a normal night’s sleep. Bah.

Gaia has a dreamcatcher in her room. Sometimes she has bad dreams and calls me in her room claiming the darned thing is broken and needs to be replaced. I wish I could truly guarantee no bad dreams ever, but I’m no super hero.


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