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On Cloth Diapering and Laundry

Gaia was in disposables for the first month of her life. After that I cloth diapered. When she was potty training we switched to pull-ups before I did the brave thing and just stuck her in panties and carried a spare change of clothes everywhere we went. Now with baby number two on the way I’m struck by the realization that cloth diapering may not be an option for us.

First, there’s the simple fact that cloth diapering is a big start up cost. Yes, it saves you money over time and that’s all swell. Unfortunately we don’t have money like that to spare so I’m going to have to go without for a while. I’ve already scoped out our preferred brand of eco-friendly diapers, but I’m going to miss my Baby Soft Wraps and FuzziBunz.

(Honestly, they could have changed so much in 4 years… I’m not even sure those will still be my preference after all this time!)

Secondly, and more importantly, is that we do not have a washer and dryer. I mentioned this on a public forum concerning diapers once, and so many mothers replied offering their solution with their travel washers and whatnot. I apologize, but I’m honestly a simple woman of convenience. I cloth diapered because I didn’t have to run to the store for diapers. I didn’t have to worry about excess trash that needed to be taken out every day. I didn’t generally freak out when I did run out of diapers… instead I learned to improvise. That’s just how it works for me.

Let me clarify. This is our means of doing laundry:

It’s not the best facility. It’s costly: $1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry. People are constantly breaking it and I’m apparently the only person with enough common sense to call the maintenance number located on each machine. People also don’t know how washing machines actually work and they take out their clothes during the soaking cycle (you know, that minute or so that the machine just sits full of water?) so that the machine is now full of water and their clothes take three runs to dry because they never spun out. So I have to put the lid back down, let the washer finish, then do my clothes only to have to wait 3 hours for the dryer to be finished with Mr. Stupid’s laundry. Also, one time someone clogged the machine with dirt. Seriously; it looked as though someone dumped their rug into the machine and proceeded to clean the dirt itself. Come on.

So yeah, not cloth diapering. Laundry is a hassle already and I’m dreading having another person’s, tiny or not, things to add to my crazy laundry routine. Let alone cloth diapers.

The baby is due in March and our lease is up in June. Maybe when we move we’ll have hook-ups and I can switch back to cloth. Even so the situation may be iffy. Though ti is pretty fun decorating little baby bums!



  1. That’s a crappy situation. ha ha See what I did there?
    I’m such a dork…
    My brother in law and his wife have just switched to cloth diapers and they love it. They even outfitted one of their toilets with a sprayer like the one you have to rinse dishes in the kitchen. It’s pretty cool. I didn’t do cloth diapers with my son but we are trying to have a baby and I have been looking into using cloth when the time comes. It IS a little overwhelming with all the choices and options out there though =) I hope that your new place allows you to get back to cloth diaper bliss and helps you save some $$$$ =)


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