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A Very Lovecraft Christmas

Growing up and all throughout highschool my friends and I had some major Cthulhu obsessions. I even crocheted mini Cthulhus for friends one year to bring on some happiness.

And then on my daily internet clicking adventures I found this awesome tree from last year:

Let me just say that this tree is the coolest tree I have seen TO DATE. I love this tree so much and I am so very tempted to recreate one similar to it next year. My tree is just a traditional tree (still awesome though) but this one takes the cake. I wonder if my children will be afraid of Cthulhu? He’s so cute sometimes though, am I right?

I’ve done my research.
Supplies needed:

Next year my pretties… next year.



  1. This is so so cute! Thanks for the tutorial

  2. That tree is gorgeous!!!

  3. I heart cthulhu tree!!
    Congratulations on your pregnancy c:

  4. I really like that tree, might creep my kids out but it’s cute

  5. What an interesting concept for a tree!

  6. Lol that’s so cute!

  7. That is really cool!

  8. I always love the idea of theme trees- beyond normal Christmas or color themes. My family has been debating gnome themes, as we already have a majority of gnome decorations/ornaments.

    I found your blog through the blog hop, love it!

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