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One quick photo of me:

I am currently…

Making: A little bunny hat for the winner of my follower appreciation giveaway. I should finish it today. My next project is a kitty cat beanie for my own daughter and if I’m up to it some matching kitty mittens. I was going to make my sister something as well, but I can’t decide if I should make her fingerless gloves or a cute bow head wrap thing…

Thinking: Time really does fly. My baby will be 5 this weekend and I’ll only have 3 months (give or take) until I have another sweet baby to somehow love just as much.

Loving: Morning snuggles. I prefer to have to get up at 6am with everyone else. Generally I have to option of sleeping in, but sometimes I have the urge to rise with them and enjoy the morning with them before they leave.

Cooking: Pizza waffles! I will be making Gaia’s birthday cupcakes & cake later tonight so she can take the cupcakes to school. She’s requested pink baked goods with cherries as decorations.

Dreaming: That hundreds of dollars will fall from the sky. What? It’s totally a valid dream…


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