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Gaia is 5, and I’m feeling old.

I’d write one of those mushy mom letters, but I don’t have the words. I try not to be selfish on her birthdays, but as she grows older each passing year reminds me of how awesome she is. I am so grateful for her existence. Through every tear I’ve shed, every word I’ve yelled, every comforting snuggle we’ve shared together I am grateful. Being a mother to her is the most precious reward life could ever offer me. I only hope that one day she understands how much I love her.

If you like to read those kinds of things, you can click here for her birth story.

Today we are going to hang out and do some casual fun things in Lakeland. Not a party, per say, just a gathering of all the people who live close enough to come hang out for pizza and playtime. Then we’re headed to Disney World with my father for a few days where we’ll meet up with my Maman & Pawpaw to exchange Christmas gifts (they are there celebrating their 40th anniversary). We also plan to meet up with Miss Jalina and her mommy to exchange gifts as well. On our return we should be carrying a stowaway. See you on Wednesday, kids!


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  1. Yay happy Birthday, Gaia! I know how hard it is to see our little children growing up so fast!

  2. Aaaawww happy birthday sweetie pie! She is so adorable! And yes, I must agree, where on earth does time go!?!?!

  3. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe that she’s 5 already! It seems like it was just yesterday she was born! Time goes way too fast when we have children, doesn’t it? It’s not fair, I tell ya… not fair at all!

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