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Our week in Ohio

On the drive up we ran into 3 hours of stop and go traffic in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Then right after the Kentucky state line there was an accident. We were stopped, as in not moving at all. I of course had to pee. But there was nowhere to go and since I was also recovering from the flu still, a simple cough resulted in me wetting myself. It was fabulous.

My mom made  me nearly all of my favorites. I had my fair share of butter beans, Shepard’s Pie, schnitzel and deliciousness every day.

I met up with Courtney and had coffee. We talked about lots of things like blogiversaries, crazy in-laws, and crafting. She’s my sister’s age and I’ve known her before we were both awesome bloggers, just so you know. I try to meet up with her every time I’m in Ohio.

My mom and Gaia made cookies. I’m pretty sure that was my mom’s favorite part…

My family started a new tradition. It’s a game called “White Elephant” and it’s like Dirty Santa only with gift cards. We have $25 limit and I bought Starbucks which I assumed would be highly sought after, but my sister’s card was stolen 4 times. I wound up leaving with a $25 card to Wal-Mart. Not too special, but not completely useless.

My favorite gift is the dehydrator my mama got me. Also, my father completely replaced my kitchen so we have new dishes, new silverware, and new pots and pans. That’s exciting, huh? Gaia’s favorite gift is a Mierda doll (from the movie Brave) that my aunt Kaye got for her. She also got both a LeapPad2 and a LeapsterGS and she’s been playing those.

There was a storm on the drive back, but we only had a difficult time for the first hour. Once we got into Kentucky the snow stopped and it merely rained until half way through Tennessee. We got a hotel room in Tifton, Georgia. Thursday morning we didn’t hit any traffic until Ocala, and it was only for about 20 minutes.

We’re still unpacking and sorting out our home. Overall it was a fun trip. Gaia was a peach and it was a breeze! I still think I might look into flying in 2014 though…



  1. I love white elephant parties/gift exchanges what a great idea to do gift cards!

  2. Going home is always fun. There are a lot of foods that “home” (MN) has that AZ doesn’t have so I always get my favorites back home that I miss out on all the time down here!

  3. I’m glad that going home wasn’t too bad!
    It was great seeing you again and talking! Can’t wait for 2014. 🙂

  4. I hate Atlanta traffic! Sounds like you had a great trip though! Those cookies look delicious!

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