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Growing so tired of being so far along. I was convinced that because I was at a better place this time around I would make this pregnancy one of those happy, glamorous, joyous celebrations from beginning to end. Unfortunately everything hurts and at this point I’m totally wishing I could have a few shots of whiskey.

Making little tooth plushes! February is Dental Hygiene Month so I wanted to have some cute things to list in my shop to celebrate!

Worrying about how the next 5 and a half weeks are going to pan out. Hutch essentially has two jobs right now, except he doesn’t get paid for his externship. I never see him anymore, and he’s so tired all the time. 🙁

Dancing around the kitchen trying out some new Pinterest recipes. I’m sad to find that some of my older pins go to broken links now. I guess I just have to use the photo to make it all up! Kitchen experiment adventures… GO!

Laughing at memories of Gaia as little baby in anticipation of this one. I honestly can not wait to breastfeed, and I keep remembering all these little quirks, habits, etc. of Gaia’s nursing phase. Oh I’ve missed it. That’s totally weird, I think.



  1. Five weeks to go? It sounds like you are in the homestretch. Try to worry too much (I know that’s hard said than done), I am sure things will be fine!! 🙂

  2. I hear ya about the pregnancy Shary! I’m 37 weeks tomorrow … can someone just get this kid out of me already?!

  3. Oh you are almost there! Happy and healthy labor and delivery to you! The homestretch is tough.

  4. Hello! Found you through Harvesting Kale’s linky.

    I know life can be hard. I fight with it all the time. We just have to keep smiling and think positive. We owe it to our children!

    Nice to ‘meet’ you!

  5. Found you through the giveaway. Now following. 🙂

    Diana @ Nanny2Mommy

  6. Those last weeks of pregnancy are always sooo long. But 5 weeks will go super fast. Congrats on baby and soon-to-be-nursing. I’m like the opposite of you, haha, mine is 10 months and I’m looking forward to whenever she decides to wean. Not going to push it, but ready, so ready!

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