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Hotslings Review

When Gaia was a wee babe I was crazy about baby wearing. It was seriously an incurable obsession and I had at least one of every type of carrier out there. I mean lets face it, the carriers are cute, allow you to go hands-free while still caring for your child, and I believe it also helps development because your baby can watch you do normal things. You can do dishes and sing to your baby. You can fold laundry (ever-expanding laundry) and rock the baby to sleep. You can even breastfeed while grocery shopping with both hands! What?!

Our first carrier was a Hotsling. Check out baby Gaia in all her circa-2007 Hotslings glory:

Keep in mind a lot of research has been done in five years and apparently some baby wearing fanatics say that her face-out with her legs crossed like that is totally wrong. She’s still cute though, so I had to share it. (Mommy failure… means I’m human.)

Back them they had a number system for sizing and I had to trade in my size 3 for a size 4 due to inefficient measurements (and I’m sure my size 4 was too small for her dad, pictured wearing Gaia above). Now Hotslings offers an awesome two-size system and each size is adjustable for multiple baby wearing possibilities!

In my opinion the prints from five years ago were better, but there is still a really awesome selection to choose from.

Hutch is concerned about looking manly while wearing our son once he’s born, so I chose Moonlit Sky because it was, in my opinion, the “manliest” print. I suppose I could have gone with black, but we live in Florida and since our baby is due in Spring it seemed silly.

There’s no baby in there just yet, but when I tried on my new Hotsling I decided that I liked the material used a whole lot, and am kind of excited about the adjustments on the shoulder. The print is more blue than black (in case you were looking at Moonlit Sky for yourself), but that’s fine with us. We simply can not wait to wear our little man!!!

Also, I have a gift for you! You can use the promo code SharyLovesYou for 10% any of Hotslings items! Enjoy!!!

Hotslings has also agreed to sponsor a giveaway! Check back January 15th – 29th for the Snug as a Bug Giveaway Hop!

Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions, however, are my own. I shall not tell lies!


  1. I really like those prints! I wore my babies when they were little but not as much when they were older because I’m weak LOL. I wish I had a cooler print though.

  2. I didn’t wear my son, but I think I will try it with our next child! Hotslings look durable and they come in some great patterns.

  3. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival. How exciting! This product looks like a great idea and I love the colors. You picked the right one for your family.

  4. This is a great review. I love the patterns..

  5. I had one of those for DD1! It was great especially when she was colically and it was dinner time! lol

  6. I’ve never really been into baby wearing but I must admit those carriers are just adorable

  7. I’ve actually never tried a sling like this, but it looks comfy for you and the baby! Love those designs too!

  8. Those are so cute! I didn’t wear my son when he was a baby, except when we went out. It was easier than dealing with a stroller then. Of course, I just had a boring old front carrier, nothing cute like this!

  9. Love all the patterns! Makes me want to have another baby! 😉

  10. I love these adorable slings! I wish that I had known about “slings” and their ever so popular existence when my little girl was tiny. I had the baby bjorn and she HATED that thing!!

  11. These look so stylish, and comfortable to wear. I love that there is a wide selection of fabrics.

  12. Hi – new follower from the linkup! Love your blog & can’t wait to read more! 🙂 Hope you have a great day!

  13. This would be wonderful to get for my next baby:) It looks awesome and comfortable!

  14. this is nice. i never have something like that when my babies where infants.

  15. I will DEFINITELY be checking back for the giveaway! Since we’re trying for our second, this would come in handy for us. I definitely want to get a sling because I don’t know how anyone can do anything with two children without one. LOL. Seriously, that was one of my stipulations with Miles on us trying for a second – I NEED a sling. LOL.

  16. Very cute prints! I haven’t seen these before and am expecting baby #3… so I will have to check these out. 🙂 Oh, and we all do things “wrong”… but don’t find out about it till later.

  17. I love, love, love babywearing! I think people who end up babywearing want one of each type of carrier out there!

  18. I really like the Overcast print.

  19. I love the print Silhouette.

  20. I love most of the prints, but I think the Silhouette one is my favorite!

  21. I like Moonlit Sky.

  22. I like the overcast print!

  23. THe overcast print is adorable! Im really likeing gray right now

  24. Beautiful patterns, but the plain ol’ black is my fave 🙂

  25. Overcast is my favorite print.
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  26. I love the black one the best 🙂

  27. I like moonlit sky the best.

  28. I really like Overcast

  29. I love the black print best. 🙂

  30. Simple black for me 🙂

  31. I like the Graham Cracker or Lemon Mist; since my niece has a newborn and a 15 month old, an boy and a girl, they could be interchanged with either of those prints 🙂

  32. Overcast is my favorite print:)

  33. I like the black solid sling

  34. I really love the AP Silhouette print- very beautiful.

  35. I like the ap silhouette print

  36. Love the overcast!

  37. I like moonlit sky the best

  38. My favorite print is moonlit sky.

  39. I love the Silhouette!

  40. I love the overcast

  41. Graham cracker is cute

  42. LOVE Perrenial.

  43. I like the silhouette print.

  44. I like overcast

  45. I like lemon mist

  46. i like the lemon mist print

  47. I think my wife would love these prints, looks really snug for babies too.

  48. I love the overcast print! Stylish and functional, gotta love it!

  49. i have girl and then a boy so it would be graham cracker

  50. I like Overcast.

  51. My favorite print is the Silhouette.


  52. Moonlit Sky is my favorite pattern.

  53. I like the overcast print!

  54. =) Overcast is my favorite print!

  55. I really love the lemon mist

  56. love graham cracker.. or overcast!! but a lot of cute prints, hard to choose just one.

  57. I love Lemon Mist!

  58. Lemon Mist is my favorite, followed by Barely Square

  59. perennial or lemon mist are my favorite. i like the graham crackre one too.

  60. Black is my favorite print!

  61. I like the Silhouette.

  62. Wow this is hard! I love the Barely Square, Overcast, and Lemon Mist.

  63. Overcast is mt favorite.

  64. I love the Silhouette print – black and white is wonderfully classic!

    Jodi J

  65. I like the Silhouette design!

  66. Overcast is my favorite! Thanks!!

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