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January Sponsor Love

I love all the lovely ladies that come through here. Lately I’ve been giving away ad space like crazy trying to get some new faces, but a lot of promo codes are open and sitting there unclaimed! Oh well, here’s to the lovies I have on my sidebar right now!

First up, let me introduce you to Kim of My Life According to Pinterest. Kim is super fabulous and posts all kinds of goodies on her blog. Don’t let the site name fool you… she’s got more than DIY going on. Reviews, giveaways, adventures… you name it! Kim’s got it going on.

Here are some of my favorites from Kim:

DIY Etched Glasses

Little Man Tie Onsie


Kim’s super fly, I’m telling you.

Next we have miss Ashley over at Forgetful Momma. Bottles, diapers, and babies are what you’ll find here along with a plethora of other goodies. If you like giveaways, Ashley’s Tuesday giveaway link up is a great place to start each week. I love Ashley because she’s always posting good food… take a look below to have your mouth watering:


Chicken Chilli + Homemade Chilli Mix

Peanut Butter & Nutella Cookies


I told you it wouldn’t be easy to resist.

Courtney will always be here. Probably forever until one of us stops blogging or dies or something tragic that falls between those two situations. Not only does Courtney have an awesome review/giveaway blog with awesome supplementary content, but the face behind Optimistic Mommy is actually a real life buddy of mine from my brief adventures in Ohio. She’s really fabulous.

Here are my favorites from Courtney’s blog this month:

Bullying is Wrong

Taco Pasta Bake


(Can you tell I like food? I really love food.)
And oh look, it’s Rebecca from Let Them Eat Cake! Rebecca is one of my favorites. We kind of started blogging at the same time and we’ve been supporting each other for the better part of this past year. She’s a pretty fabulous mommy blogger. Super hip and sincere… you can find all kinds of hilarity over at her little space on the internets. She just had a baby, too, so if you love adorable squishy baby photos then you’ll definitely want to hop on over.


“Mommy & Me”

Mother’s Milk
(on relactating)


And so there you have it. All my lovely sponsors and all their wonderful blogging spotlighted! I do hope you’ll stop by and visit. They really are quite fun!

If you are interested in sponsoring please check out my sponsorship & swaps page. I’m always down to swap no matter what size your blog is, and I’d love to get some new features in here. You can save right now – get 50% off with code HEYGIRL. I look forward to meeting you!



  1. How did I miss this? Thank you so much for the wonderful and kind words. I’ll have to check out these other cool blogs too 🙂

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