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Top Ten Road Trip CD’s

When I road trip I still prefer taking along my entire CD collection. I know it’s a tad outdated, but the best part is nearly all of them are dated before 2007. I still love mix CD’s (seriously LOVE them). Once I get through my favorite mixes, here are my favorites albums to jam to (in no particular order):

Gaia actually loves this CD more than I do. She’ll danceand sing repetitive lyrics and then ask for me to let the CD run a second time. Definitely a keeper amongst our road trip collection. (As a side note, I discovered this CD back in like 2005 before M.IA. was the bomb diggity.)


This is a great CD if you haven’t listened to it in it’s entirety. I love the non-famous songs way more than that Gwen Steffani track. Seriously, so good.


Believe it or not I actually pop in this album to keep me awake. Yes, Jewel is famous for being all slow and sad and perhaps making everyone a little sleepy, but because I know all the lyrics and can’t help but sing along, it really helps keep me awake on those long stretches through Georgia/Alabama.


Okay so this one is probably the newest album I have in my CD collection because I forced Hutch to download it for me onto a disk so I could jam to it back before I had an mp3 option in my car. It’s mash ups if you don’t know Girl Talk. Totally fun.


I don’t even care if you hate Rob Thomas, the radio, or pop/rock. I love Matchbox 20 and this CD helps me cover a lot of ground while driving. It’s another one of those where I know every single word.


I grew up on this album because my DAD loves it. Yes, my father. I think it might be a secret, so don’t tell his friends.


I like female vocalists, even Joanna. She’s such a boss at the harp it’s hard not to like her. I think her voice takes some getting used to,but I love this CD so very much.


By this point you’re probably totally confused, but when I need my fix I just pop in this baby and get my groove on. I generally wait til Gaia is asleep for this one.


I love me some Janis Joplin. I could listen to “Summertime” all day every day.


I discovered Royskopp years ago when Geico had the caveman commercials. The song “Remind Me” is on the one with the moving sidewalk, and ever since then this album has been one of my favorites.



  1. Love that you have Jewel and Matchbox 20 on there šŸ™‚

  2. And now I am singing “Isn’t It Ironic” in my head for the rest of the night. Love your choices!

  3. I love listening to good music when I’m traveling. It helps to make the time go by quicker.

  4. What a great list! We are road triping it soon so this is great!!

  5. I haven’t listened to Moby in forever! I wonder if I still have his “Play” CD…hmmmm…I’ll have to look in some storage bins to see! Thanks for the reminder =D

  6. (Hubby’s account) Now I’m hearing, “Dreams last for so long…”

  7. Rocking it old school

  8. Love me some Janis Joplin. šŸ™‚
    I definitely have to have music no matter what while driving. I can’t stand silence. šŸ™‚

  9. hmmm… I am sure these all great music but none of them I like to listening too. Thanks for share in here.

  10. I love Janis Joplin!

    Generally I listen to talk radio in the car, I’m mostly a music girl at home. Does that make me weird?!

  11. Thanks for this list of road trip CD’s. I actually still have a few of these (Matchbox 20, FTW!) and need to burn them to my computer so I can reminisce! šŸ™‚

  12. These have brought back Soooo many memories! I absolutely love Janis Joplin, Matchbox 20, Moby -and most of the others. Thanks for the nostalgia!!

  13. Such nostalgia! Many of these are on my playlist.

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