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Week 2 Pinterest Challenge

I didn’t craft diddly this week. I did work a tiny bit on the scarf I was making last week, but I haven’t done anything past that. However, I was totally feeling my kitchen and I made all kinds of delicious things. I made taco soup (that was a majority of what we ate this week – so easy and good and reheats nicely!) and asparagus stuffed chicken… Both of those recipes I found on Pinterest.

I also found some better than Starbucks iced coffee. I’ve been craving coffee a ton this pregnancy and so I found this recipe and I made it work for us. Hutch like sit a lot, too, because he doesn’t have time to brew coffee int eh morning. I’ve been keeping it stocked up for him.

I used 3/8 of granulated sugar (more than the recipe calls for) and half a cup of milk (twice as much) because we like sweet and creamy coffee. Also, we buy different flavors of creamer and we happen to have pumpkin spice right now. Mmm…

This week Gaia was begging me to use the cake pop/donut hole maker she got me for Christmas. I let her pick and she chose some delicious banana chocolate chip donut recipe. We did make tons of donut holes, but I also made muffins because someone in the comments on the original blog was wondering how they baked in a muffin tin. Both versions were delicious!

I used Yoplait strawberry yogurt, all-purpose flour, and granulated sugar. Those were my only alterations. Next time I will try applesauce instead of bananas. We’re keeping this recipe around. You need to go try it for yourselves!

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  1. what a fun thing to do, I love pinterest

  2. Love this idea

  3. I am heading over to check out that taco soup recipe – that sounds yum! And those muffins look delish! I’ve been craving blueberry muffins lately (gotta love pregnancy cravings, right!?)

  4. Mmm….I need to try that Starbucks iced coffee recipe! I like it sweet and creamy, too! So, I would probably use your modified recipe. 🙂


  5. Love Pinterest! I want to make those muffins now – yum!

  6. Yummy for sure! I need to try more pins on Pinterest, instead of just pinning like crazy!

  7. Those sound delicious! Following you on Pinterest now! 🙂

  8. They look yummy. Thank you for sharing..

  9. I just bought a huge bunch of bananas at Sam’s Club and was thinking about making Banana Nut Crunch Muffins – but I’m thinking your chocolate chip kind sounds better! And I am definitely going to have to try the Starbucks “Copycat” recipe. I love iced coffee!

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