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Woolzies Dryer Balls Review

As some of you may remember me mentioning, our laundry facilities here aren’t the greatest. And of course there’s this issue I have because of my pregnancy that makes me have to do laundry more often than I normally would. It’s irritating working with such a crappy service, but when your nearest relatives live 30 minutes away you just kind of deal.

Wednesday I dug through our piggy bank to find $3 so I could do a load of laundry. I have to admit Mr. Pig was getting kind of heavy, so finding the change wasn’t hard. Someone had been doing laundry all day the day before so I assumed everything was up and running normally. I washed my clothes and I played some video games. The washing machine worked just fine. I then put the clothes in the dryer… no problems yet.

My apartment is right outside the “Clothes Care Center” so I can hear the dryer. I don’t mind this because I know exactly when my clothes are done, or more importantly when someone else is done.

So I take my trusty basket and go to get my clothes. They are totally wet. Not damp like you might expect for a full load containing both jeans and towels, but full on wet. Granted they weren’t soaking, but definitely not wearable. Sadly, his has happened before. Once I spent $6 on one load because I had to dry it 3 times. The maintenance people came out to fix it after I called them, but the refund I was promised never came. I don’t call the maintenance people or waste money anymore.

So I’ve learned to cope with wet clothes. Normally I would take the important stuff and decorate my living room with our clothes. I’d lay work pants across the couch, hang dresses in the bathroom, and line dry towels on the tiny porch out back. However, I knew I had an awesome product coming in the mail and I figured, “might as well try them out.”

Friday I washed the clothes again. (They’d been sitting in the basket for two days and another round in the wash was necessary. Also I added some tea tree oil just in case.) When they were finished I moved them to the dryer. Before starting it up I ran inside to grab my awesome 6-pack of Woolzies Dryer Balls.

I was amazed at first by how big they were. I’ve used wool dryer balls before, but Woolzies are much bigger in comparison! I also really appreciated how these dryer balls also serve as a fabric softener. All in one efficiency. I can definitely deal with that.

I put them all in there, just like the directions said to. I was concerned they might bounce around too much, but I couldn’t hear it so I assumed it wasn’t a bother.

(I don’t sort my laundry… I’m horrible, I know.)

I went to check on my clothes before the dryer stopped. Not only was I impatient for the results, but I would have had to run to the store for more change because I was running low on quarters. To my surprise my clothes were finished drying! Woolzies are definitely my new go-to dryer balls. If they can make laundry easier in my complex, than they can help out any household for sure.

Each box of WOOLZIES contains 6 handmade woolen dryer balls. The cost per box is $34.95
with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA including Alaska and Hawaii.

I feel like I don’t have to stress out so much about laundry now. It’s such a relief!


Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions, however, are my own. I shall not tell lies!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I love dryer balls as my dryer takes two loads to dry completely, even when it’s not full. It’s annoying!

  2. I have heard that I *have* to get some dryer balls, it’s nice to see a review on them!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. My dryer balls definitely help dry clothes faster. I can imagine that it really is much better when you’re having to pay per use! Awesome!

  4. Hehe, I’ve never sorted my laundry either- everything’s washed in cold water! I’ve heard amazing things about these Woolzies so I think it’s time to actually get some! Our dryer is pretty good- for now, anyway. Most new appliances are not high-quality anymore, I’m discovering!

  5. I have heard about these, but I wanted more information. This confirmed I need to purchase some! Thanks a bunch!

  6. I’ve always wanted to try these. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I just received these, Now I can’t wait to try them.. Thank you for your review.

  8. ugh, laundry mats are so annoying. Especially when my son was so small and I had to drive to one. How do I carry in two huge baskets of clothes plus a newborn each time? Because I’m not leaving him alone in the laundromat, and I’m afraid I’d get arrested if I left him in the car even for 30 seconds. Problem! Haha. Thankfully our apartment now has a laundry room, so, awesome! 🙂 I’ve never heard of dryer balls before, thanks for sharing! Glad they worked well for you (and it saved you a trip for more quarters!)

  9. I have really been wanting to try these! I have hard a lot of great things about using dryer balls and I love that the fabric softener is built in. Two in one products are my thing!

  10. Thanks for sharing your review. These look like they are a great product.

  11. I love my Woolzies Dryer balls! I have been using mine for over 6 months and they still look the same!

  12. These are my favorite. I have a set and they look so much better than some other brands that I have!

  13. I have never heard of those. I have seen the little rubbery dryer balls. These look interesting. So a last forever kind of thing?
    My cat would totally play with them lol they look like her pompom toys.

    That’s awesome you’ve found something to help since you can’t control the dryers there.

  14. Do you think I’d get in trouble if I used them, even though our facility has a sign saying “No wool in dryers?”
    I’ve actually been wanting to try these. Damp clothes (I sometimes suspect the neighbors) drive me crazy.


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