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You Need More Cats

I’ve been promising a cat update for a while now. I must admit that although they are still cute as ever, I haven’t had much motivation to grab my camera and ruin some delicate moments. If you’re a cat lover you must realize how as soon as you grab the camera the cute vanishes. I admire those who can snap thousands of adorable fluffy photos of their feline friends. I am a failure in that way.

First up is Tonks. She’s all pregnant (more on that later) and lazy so this is the most cute I can get these days:

Tonks is a very fickle cat. She’s super lovey, but only if she gets to choose where to snuggle. You can’t pick her up or move her or she’ll scurry away. Her favorite places are the crease of your neck while you’re trying to read on the couch or play video games, and the corner of the back of the couch under the table lamp.

Below is an photo I captured during Herby and Tonk’s morning rendezvous  in the dining room window.

They’re just too cute sometimes.

Herby is very lovey as well but he’s easier to handle. You can pick him up, move him around, put him in comfortable spots that benefit both of you if you wish. He is a very relaxed cat and he’s always chillin’…

And an animation, because I couldn’t resist:

And those are my cats. I know it’s been months since I posted photos of them. They’ve gotten bigger for sure. They turn one on February 22. Maybe I’ll make them a tuna fish cake…



  1. I’m definitely a cat person. Cute photos.

  2. They would love a tuna fish cake!
    I can’t wait to see kitten photos =)

  3. These are darling! (and not because your cat looks just like my old dear (departed) cat)

  4. Is Tonks chatty? My calico Molly is. Oh and Herby has a twin. He is on my lap.

  5. Hello,
    I found your blog on the blog hop and now I am now your newest follower, would you please due the same for me?

  6. We have a big Siamese! He’s awesome! Not a typical Siamese!! He’s very friendly and a people cat!!! He’s got Diabetes now so we have to give him shots twice a day.

  7. Your cats are adorable! I love cats, but unfortunately I’m allergic so I can’t have one. Doesn’t stop my from always telling my husband I want one though. lol.

  8. Aww thanks for the dose of cuteness! Love the cat pics. 🙂

  9. Cute! I swear my dog has a camera radar detector. As soon as I try to snap the cute little things she does she stops.

    Stopping by from thee blog hop

  10. We used to have a cat that looked similar to Herby but like 3 or 4 times bigger. It was the most good natured cat ever! It would sit against a wall like a person and lift up it’s belly and clean it. It was hilarious.


  11. The coloring on Tonks is just gorgeous!
    We have 2 kitties as well. An all black with a white patch on chest and white tip on tail. He’s a long hair and we call him Phoenix, we rescued him last June from the MI Humane Society and he was about 1.
    Then we have a tuxedo cat with 4 white paws, her name is Luna and she too was a MI Humane Society rescue and we got her last September and she too is about 1.

    Love my kitties!

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