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7 Steps to Stay Connected to Your Partner During an Argument

Do you argue with your significant other? I think arguing is healthy in moderation. Hutch and I argue on a regular basis. Generally a lot of our frustration stems from financial difficulties. Everything else is almost always an issue of misunderstanding. We get all riled up and then we eventually figure out we were just practicing poor communication.

I wanted to share this info-graphic I found ages ago. It is really helpful and can benefit you and help keep your relationship in the “healthy argument” stages. 🙂

Info-graphic originally posted by A Center for Marriage Counseling.


  1. These are great tips, it can sometimes be hard to stay calm in the heat of an argument, practicing compassion could really help.

  2. I definitely argue!! And I think it’s healthy if you do it the right way- thanks for sharing.

  3. Sounds like some great ideas. We don’t fight much, but I wouldn’t say “Never.”

  4. Hmm. It is so difficult to give up in the argument. I always rely on my husband to throw the white flag even if I know I am wrong

  5. Wonderful list!

  6. We don’t really argue but it’s important to be aware of how you are communicating! When I’m frustrated I try to use I language rather than you language. Seems less blaming that way.

  7. Thank you for this. It’s hard when you argue to remember to keep it cool. But everyone argues, and it’s important to remember that it’s healthy as long as it is clean and not just both people trying to get their jabs in.


  8. These are wonderful tips! When hubby and I argue we try these things, unfortunately things still get a little too loud for my liking. I’m going to show him this!

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