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Fall in Love with Fluff – Woolzies Giveaway!

Welcome to the Fall In Love With Fluff Giveaway Hop, hosted by the GreenPath Baby Cloth Diapering Store, GreenPath Baby Blog and Happy Mothering.  We have come together to help mommas fall in love with cloth diapers!  Follow all of the blogs on this hop for multiple chances to win over $270 worth of your favorite cloth diapers and accessories!  If you have never cloth diapered before, here is a chance for you to win a whole stash and fall in love with cloth diapers!  See what everyone is talking about and how great it is to do something healthy and positive for your baby and for the environment!

The winner of my giveaway will win one set of six Woolzies Dryer Balls! Dryer balls are awesome for many great reasons. First and foremost I feel like the number one perk is that they minimize drying time. Also as an added perk they also naturally soften clothes! Did you know that as a cloth-diapering mama you shouldn’t use traditional dryer sheets? They leave an icky residue in your machine that can transfer onto diapers causing wicking and repelling. Let’s not make more work for ourselves… Minimize diaper stripping and enter for your chance to win Woolzies of your very own!


You can read my original review of Woolzies here. I seriously love them so much!

Kara F. has claimed her prize! Congratulations Kara!

Disclaimer: Prize is generously sponsored by Woolzies. Shary Loves You, GreenPath Baby Store and Blog, Happy Mothering, and “Fall In Love With Fluff” participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.



  1. My daughter has been using cloth diapers for her first baby and loves them. They are super cute, save her lots of money and she loves doing laundry. She has told me that Woolzies are great for getting them soft and cutting down on the drying time.

  2. I got my sister in to cloth diapering… She actually won her dryer balls, but it was only a set of three and she could rally use more!

  3. My favorite brand is GroVia!

  4. I sew my own cloth diapers. My favorite parts are that they are cheap and NO BLOWOUTS! 🙂

  5. I love cloth diapering because it is healthier for my children only 1 minor diaper rash in 2 years! They are really easy to take care of and don’t fill up my garbage can or the landfill. I use Fuzzinbunz, Green Mountain fitteds, and Kawaii one size and they are all great!

  6. Sara Swanson says:

    I plan on starting with cd once my baby is born in April.

  7. We are trying for number 3 and I am really thinking about cloth diapering. This give away would be a great start 🙂

  8. So far my laundry is pretty easy. It usually takes me all day as I turn it on forget it and come back later when I remember. I air dry all my diapers. I love the money it saves! I love thirsties diaper covers!

  9. The laundry really isn’t bad. I love the cute prints and the $$ savings. I use mostly Kuwaii

  10. I love my cloth diapers, excepting the washer we use is shared and I have to spend 30-45 minutes cleaning it out every other day because the others who use it like to fill up the soap tray for a load with 4-5 items in it. My favorite diapers right now are my best bottoms.

  11. I do not use diapers

  12. I have been using cloth for two years now… I have a toddler and a four month old in cloth. I love it. I wash my own. I love prefolds for baby and softbums and bumgenius right now. I really love wool covers.

  13. I love cloth because of the fun prints & the money it saves not to mention there are no yuck chemicals against my baby. Currently I love Lil Helper, Rumparooz, & Alva

  14. I am totally new to cloth but I am looking forward to trying it with my next baby

  15. I don’t mind doing laundry (diaper orotherwise). I love that i can hang diapers in the window and the sun gets rid of the stains! My favorite diapers are Kawaii and Bum cheeks

  16. We love our cloth diapers and once we switched our stash to prefolds and fitted diapers we had no stink or repel issues. The only downside to them it the long drying time. I have been wanting to dry out some wool dryer balls to help that process!

  17. I love how cloth diapering saves my baby from chemicals and saves energy.

  18. I like doing diaper laundry. I guess the worst part for me is just stuffing the diapers. Overall I don’t mind it though. And I love that these don’t have chemicals and can help save on drying time

  19. I love doing my cloth diaper wash. I find it excited to sit and fold and look at all my clean diapers afterwards. I find cloth diaper easy and far better for babies. My baby was born early and in NICU for a while and used disposables. He came out with a RAW bum… Now he is in cloth his bum looks much better.
    Amy Bailey

  20. We are thinking about having a 3rd Baby & I haven’t ever used cloth diapers.

  21. I like Thristies

  22. There is nothing I dislike about cloth diapers! I even love doing diaper laundry!
    jbang0331 at yahoo dot com

  23. CDing our first babe who is 2 months and LOVE it! I don’t mind the laundry and am so glad we chose cloth

  24. I have horribly hard water so laundry is a bit difficult. I’m making it work by using lots of soap and following that up with lots of rinses!

  25. We are trying for number three and plan to use cloth. First baby we will use cloth with so learning all I can and planning now.
    shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

  26. I’ve been cding since my oldest was a newborn and he’s six now. I’m on #4 and love it more than ever!

  27. My favorite brands are bumgenius and I recently bought some diaper rite diapers and love them. I also like that since I switched to cloth my daughter hasnt had a diaper rash!

  28. I am entering for my daughter in law, she wants to try cloth diapers this time. Thank you Vicki

  29. I like smart bottoms and applecheeks. I really like CDing and I love teaching my friends about it who are interested in cding their own kids.

  30. My favorite brand is Lil Helper. I haven’t had any issues with washing my diapers, yet. I love that only cloth is touching my daughters skin and not that gel crap that kept “leaking” from the disposables we used before.

  31. I already use s few dryer balls with my cloth diaper laundry and I really like them. I’d love to have some more.

  32. We’ve recently battled some repellent fluff and rash issues. It got to the point that I was stripping my diapers every other wash. I finally fixed the problem with baking soda, lots of soaking and antibiotics. Ugh, glad thats over. We are also transitioning to flats and covers from pockets. My neice is interested in using fluff. I’m worried she’ll get discouraged as there are a lot of nay sayers around her and I’m 2000 miles away.

  33. I’m hoping to get my neice into cloth diapering her little one due in july.I have so much to teach her.

  34. I started my cloth diapering with a diaper trial from an online retailer which is the BEST thing that I could have done! We don’t have 2 of any one diaper brand and it drives my husband completely batty, but it makes sense to me. (And that’s all that matters!)
    I’m all about variety, but I highly recommend a trial to anyone who is interested in cloth!

  35. I have never tried cloth diapers and am now expecting and would like to try it with this baby

  36. I like that using a diaper doesn’t make me feel like we wasted anything.

  37. I ;ike how cloth diapers makes their skin less sensitive.Plus they last a whole lot longer then disposable ones.

  38. I used cloth on both of my kids. They both had sensitive butts, lol. It was certainly cheaper than buying disposables. Although they are a little more work, I feel that they are definitely worth the extra trouble!

  39. How’s your relationship with your diaper laundry? What’s your favorite thing about cloth diapering? What brands do you love? Tell em anything cloth diaper related!
    I love doing diaper laundry, but it’s hard now that my toddler wants to “help” which means trying to wear everything I’m trying to stuff. I love that CDing helps my baby AND the environment (and my pocket book, too!). Favorite brands are Blueberry, Thirsties, FuzziBunz, Kawaii (the ULTRA SOFT are AMAZING!), Rump Arounds

  40. I like that using cloth diapers is better for the environment

  41. we just started cloth diapering and love it

  42. I don’t mind doing the diaper laundry, but I’m pretty lazy about putting them away. So they mostly stay on my drying rack, and I grab what I need from there. I have a variety of brands, but my rumparooz (pockets and covers) are probably my favorites.

  43. Love my cloth diapers and don’t mind the laundry that comes with it..

  44. We love cloth diapering there’s nothing like a fresh load of clean fluff coming out of the dryer. I am however looking forward to line drying this summer. We finally have a place where I can hang them out doors to sun and dry naturally!!!!

  45. We use a diaper service; it’s super easy.

  46. DONE with washing diapers!

  47. I love that it’s good for my baby’s bum.

  48. Started using cloth diapers with our 2nd. Wish we had done it with our first. Love using cloth diapers and I just finally found the perfect detergent for us – Charlie’s Soap. We have a set of Woolzies and the challenge is keeping them away from our toddler b/c she loves playing with them.

  49. I like saving money with CDs. I like origami folded flats, Grovia AIO, Padded Patootie (WAHM) AIO, and WunderUnders’s Hybrid Trainer.

  50. I love cloth diapers, and where as I don’t mind laundry, I really like doing diaper laundry and getting my hands on all that cute fluff to restuff after cleaning

  51. I love thirsties AIO’s and bumgenius 4.0’s. I have a great wash routine that works for use with hardwater and twins in diapers.

  52. I don’t currently use cloth; but would love to try! 🙂

  53. I love the way my grandbabies look in cloth diapers

  54. I haven’t started CDing yet (don’t have a baby yet) but I’m trying to get started now so I’ll build up a stash before our first arrives! I love that they’re eco-friendly and economical, and they’re so cute!

  55. I just ordered a stash of Sunbabies

  56. I actually have used my Kawaii pocket diaper, velcro closure for a year and a half, and they are going strong! I stuff them with recieving blankets.

  57. my lo is due this summer, so I don’t have any experience with cloth, but I love cloth diapering because it’s so much better for baby and environment.

  58. Right now I have a ton of diaper laundry waiting for me to wash. Nancy T

  59. I love cloth diapering because it saves a ton of money.

  60. I love cloth diapering! My daughter has super sensitive skin though so finding a detergent that works good with her skin has been a struggle.

    anything to save money makes me happy
    cloth diapers?? you have to be dedicated to it

  62. I love saving thousands of dollars over the course of our baby years (currently just one child- but we plan on two more). I think about all of the families I know that are literally thowing money away with disposable diapers. My husband loves the money saving too, but he also “sells” the enviromental factor to other dads.

  63. We use cloth diapers as “wiper dipers”. They make great spit rags!

  64. Lea Perkins says:

    I love cloth diapering and use rockin green.

  65. Throwing diapers in the wash momentarilly. We use Charlies because I can get it at a local grocery store.

  66. I haven’t started cloth diapering yet, but I love all of the fun patterns.

  67. I actually don’t mind diaper laundry much… I cloth diapered for seven months using coin-op laundry facilities, so using our washing machine and dryer in our new apartment is a blessing every day! I am a bit tired of stuffing pockets, however!

  68. I like that using cloth diapers are better for the environment, and saves a lot money.

  69. I love cding because it’s green and cute for my baby, is is my second baby diapered

  70. I haven’t started yet because I am still pregnant, but I have a stash going already. I love the cute prints.

  71. I don’t have diaper laundry yet, but hopefully soon!

  72. Normally I don’t mind diaper laundry. But, now that I am pregnant with baby #2 I almost pule everytime I put diapers in the wash lol.

  73. I love my diaper laundry (as much as one can really love laundry). I don’t mind doing it at all and now that I have it on a good schedule, I just made it a part of my daily routine.

  74. I love that they are cute and not boring… i love saving money on diapers!

  75. I don’t mind diaper laundry. I really like Nellie’s laundry soda for my diapers.

  76. I haven’t started cloth diapering yet but can’t wait!

  77. I just now prepped diapers for my daughter that will be here nect Tuesday. It seems pretty easy. I’m so happy we can save money and the diapers are so cute!

  78. I haven’t started yet, but I am building my stash in anticipation of my son’s arrival in July. I can’t wait to try all the different kinds on him!

  79. I’m cloth diapering my second son – he is only 3 months and I am loving covers, fitteds and prefolds with him! I acyually really like doing diaper laundry! …I just wish I had a few more diapers, so I didn’t have to wash every other day!

  80. I don’t have many kinds bi I love the trimness of grovia.

  81. I love looking at all my diapers hanging on the laundry line. I’m not sure why but it just makes me feel happy and peaceful.

  82. The diaper laundry isn’t much more of a chore than any of the other laundry.

  83. Fine with my laundry at the moment; besides needing to do it. Of my stash, I love my Grovia diapers the best!

  84. I have a big family unfortunately that also means I have an insane amount of laundry. I wish I had one of those HUGE commercial machines …a lady can dream.

  85. I don’t currently cloth diaper, but am in the process for preparing for baby number 2 so I can cloth diaper. Way too much waste when it comes to disposables!

  86. I have a non-existent relationship with diaper laundry. Am about to start soon, so haven’t had to yet. Need to start prepping diapers soon though.

  87. We cloth diaper to save money. I love it! I find my best washing routine is a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule so that my weekends are free!

  88. we do it to save money- i love the designs, and the smell of fresh clean diapers

  89. I am obsessed with using cloth diapers. I love BG, Grovia, and Thirsties, and alot of WAHM diapers. I now have two kiddos in cloth so laundry is more often, but I still enjoy it 🙂

  90. I haven’t started cloth diapering yet, but I’ve heard wool dryer balls are helpful in the drying process!

  91. I love CD, love CD laundry day, and love the face that im not filling up a landfill and ruining my childrens future.

  92. I love cloth diapering, but I have a love/hate relationship with the laundry. I don’t have any major complaints but I just wish the process was a little quicker! I’ve been wanting to try some wool dryer balls for just that reason. 🙂

  93. Diaper laundry isn’t that bad, you don’t have to fold it and that’s the worst part of laundry! I love bumgenius and charlie bananas.

  94. My 4 kids are out of diapers and when they were in diapers, cloth diapers weren’t as popular. We only used disposables

  95. I love how much money I save using cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. I also like that they are environmentally friendly, while disposable diapers are not. I’ve been dying to try wool dryer balls to see if they’ll speed the laundry process up.

  96. Right now I can’t use my moms dryer cause she uses dryer sheets so I’m going to get her and myself wool dryer balls (hopefully win some ;)) Our baby boy is due in a week and i’ve decided to cloth diaper full time. I don’t mind hang drying but I think at times use of the dryer would be nice. I love the cute prints I can get in my cloth diapers. Couldn’t tell you my favorite as far as how well they work on my son just yet but I love how cute the blueberry diapers are!

  97. My first baby is due April 25, and I’m excited for my CD journey to begin!

  98. my cd laundry is easy, I wash 2-3 times a week!

  99. So far I haven’t had any laundry issues, hopefully i don’t run into any problems!

  100. But if you do need to use a dryer, you can also use essential oils to give fabrics a great
    fragrance. Simply put a couple of drops of essential oil on a price of cotton fabric or an old handkerchief, and place in the dryer with the clothes.

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