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How Butt Bench Helps My Pregnancy Pain

Here is my view these days:

The baby is totally fun. He’s constantly moving, shoving his toes into various parts of my torso like it’s no big deal. He’s been head down for a while and that’s a good thing. However, he is also super low in my pelvis and that causes me lots of pain.

In addition to the sacroiliac pain I started experiencing at 7 weeks, I started getting symphysis pubis dysfunction around 30 weeks or so. Getting out of bed is sometimes impossible if I’m alone. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night crying because I forget I hurt and I have severe pain when I change positions. I waddle everywhere, and sometimes sitting down and getting up hurt. Needless to say I don’t ever want to do anything. Cleaning up after my daughter is harder every day. Anything that involves me bending over is hard, as you cna imagine if you’ve ever had back pain or pelvic pain.

In addition to normal pain relief efforts, the Butt Bench has been very helpful in my efforts of obtaining some kind of normalcy in this pregnancy. You have no idea how awesome it feels to be able to wash my feet by myself, shave my legs when the mood strikes, or simply rest while I let my hair treatments take effect.

We also love how it creates more space in our shower for us to put things. Now bath toys don’t have to sit in the tub and get all icky. Bottles don’t fall of the shelf when maneuvering around. Also Gaia loves pretending it’s some sort of shelter for her precious mermaid pretend time. (She’s adorable.)

When mommy takes a bath I have to take out my Butt Bench. That would be my only downside to this awesome shelf. Installation is super easy though, so it’s really not that big of a deal. All the help it provides for us is way worth that tiny inconvenience. Butt Bench has been a life saver these past few weeks, and I can only assume it will continue to aid me in these remaining weeks.

Butt Bench wants to spread the love! They are offering a giveaway of a 12″ bench of your choice in either white or pink. The following giveaway is open to residents of the United States. It begins today, February 7, 2013 at 7 am EST and runs for one week, ending at 11:59 pm EST on February 13, 2013. This would make a perfect gift to show your body some shower-time lovin’! To enter just use the form below. Good luck!

Kathryn D. has claimed her prize! Congratulations Kathryn!

Disclaimer: Butt Bench provided me with their product free of charge to review, however all opinions are genuine and my own. I shall not tell lies! Shary Loves You not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.



  1. That’s pretty awesome. I didn’t even know something like that existed. Thankfully our shower has a built in seat/ledge thing. You can bet your booty I’ll be putting it to good use once I get bigger and need to take a break while showering!

  2. So glad that something is giving you some relief – I remember how hard it was to take a shower in the last few weeks, so this would REALLY come in handy then!

  3. I could have used this while I was in PT for my knee!!

  4. That is a cute bench! I bet it helps. I have a seat in my shower, it’s made that way and it was a lifesaver when I would get dizzy in the shower during my pregnancy.

  5. I remember how difficult it was to shave my legs when I was preggo! Butt Bench is such a great idea.

  6. I love the idea or this, pregnant or not! However even though I’ll never forget the name of it, I wish it was named something different. I can just imagine my 3 year old telling everyone about mommy’s butt bench!

  7. SPD is the worst! I dealt with it last pregnancy too and am still having some issues with it.

  8. Cute belly and bench! Cannot wait to see your little bundle!

  9. Love this, I have had so many surgeries, I really needed it then. I have MS and this would be fabulous to help keep me from falling in the tub. Thanks for the giveaway.!!!

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