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Midwife came today

My midwife came for the 36 home visit today. She wanted to make sure she knew where to find me, that we had everything in order for the birth, and to generally get a feel for what we wanted for our son’s arrival should he choose to do so soon. It is all still so surreal when I think about it. Because I have so many dates in my chart, anytime I go into labor at this point is fair game. It’s weird to think that we’ll have a new tiny baby to enjoy soon!

Have I mentioned how much I love my midwife? She’s this adorable southern girl with perfect hair who gets to help deliver babies as a career. I can’t help but to be sort of jealous. She’s very laid back and wholesome and I am quite pleased about how my entire birth team is coming together.

Here’s a photo Hutch took of me today:

Getting dressed is proving to be quite difficult. It’s not just the aches and pains anymore, but also the fact that all of my clothes are beginning to fail me. My favorite, most flattering maternity jeans have a half belly band that just slips down. No matter what I’m wearing my belly pokes out from the bottom of my shirt. It’s getting so big!

How far along? nearly 36 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements: measuring 36 and a half weeks, weight gain is getting serious
Sleep: My pelvic pain is so intense that sleeping is quite hard. Waking up to pee every two hours doesn’t help either.
Maternity clothes: Yes, and even those are starting to fail me.
Stretch marks? No new ones, but my belly is quite itchy.
Best moment this week: My midwife’s home visit.
Miss anything? Whiskey. 😛
Movement: He likes to move his feet around in my rib cage and tickle my bladder with his fists.
Cravings?: Nothing new.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really.
Labor signs: Nope.
Symptoms: Just intense pelvic pain.
Belly button in or out? My belly button is inside out.
Rings on or off? Still on.
Happy or moody most of the time: Pretty moody.
Baby related purchases?: We just had to buy a bunch of stuff for the birth including the birth kit.
Looking forward to: My baby shower next Saturday!

Valentine’s Day, by the way, wasn’t too special for Hutch and me. Gaia had a blast at school and brought me the most amazing plant. She’s so excited to watch it grow and keep it looking perky.

Baby #2 is getting quite strong and I rarely get a moment of rest where he isn’t moving around and making my belly do weird things. I’m just thankful he’s been head down ever since we could palpate him. Hopefully he will stay that way.



  1. I love the video! Glad you found a midwife you love, it always helps to have someone that you love connected to your birth.

  2. I missed whiskey, too! You are looking so good!

  3. You are so brave! I wish I had the nerve to do an at home birth, but honestly my home is kinda stressful so that probably wouldn’t work. I love the video!

  4. Watching your video I could FEEL my stomach making those movements. I miss my babies being on the inside!

  5. My daughter moved like that in my belly but that was before I could do video on my phone. Hubby never got to see my belly dance because she always stopped when I’d get his attention. I was hoping to capture it with my son but he wasn’t as active with flips and kicks out. So fun!!

  6. I’m so glad you found a midwife you liked. I can’t wait to get pregnant and have all those feelings! 36 Weeks!!! You’re almost there!

  7. I remember those last few weeks of pregnancy – sleeping was almost impossible! I totally would not have been able to do a home birth – that’s impressive!

  8. So you’re going to think I’m totally lame… but I cried watching that video. Riley used to do the same thing (well, I guess all children probably do) and I miss it. I can’t wait til we get pregnant again. 🙂

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