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Pinterest Inspired Valentine’s Day Garland

We decided to keep out Christmas tree up until our lease for this apartment expires this summer. Honestly it just provides too great of a light source to worry bout taking it down at this time. Our living room has no built-in lighting, so we have to constantly make due with what we have. So our Christmas tree is now a holiday tree.

Today we finally got around to adding some love-inspired garland to it. I was cutting out little felt hearts for probably a total of 2 hours. We went with purple and black to the added pink, red, and white Valentine’s theme you traditionally see.

I hand threaded them onto some embroidery thread, but I didn’t like how “unkept” it looked and how the hearts all slid around. Plus the embroidery thread kept snagging on the tree the first time I tried to hang them, so we decided to just sew the garland together. It’ll keep better that way anyhow so we can use the garland for future love-inspired decor. I might just hang it on my bedroom ceiling… you never know! It’s longer than it looks on the tree… it took 30 minutes to sew all the hearts together!

I have big plans for a topper. I’ll post the simple tutorial on Tuesday. 🙂

How are your V-day plans coming together?

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  1. So cute! I think we’ll decorate more next year as my girls are still a little young, but this is definitely one for us to try!

  2. That’s such a cute garland! Pinterest always has such awesome stuff. You know, I actually know of a number of people that keep their tree up all year and decorate it for each holiday. Are you going to do Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day? 🙂

    • We’re going to make little glittered shamrock ornaments from cardstock. Cutting out hearts is easy…. shamrocks would take a bajillion years!

  3. This is so creative and fun! I have a ton of felt scraps I could use to create this garland – I think I’ll do that when I find some free time.

  4. Cute idea! I wish I was crafty so that I could do stuff like this.
    We’re not really doing much for Valentine’s Day this year. My son’s birthday is the next day but hubby will be out of town for work, so we are celebrating that on the 14th.

  5. I seriously love the idea of a Valentine’s Day tree. My mother does this. She leaves a little 4′ tree up hear round and decorates it according to all the holidays in the year. Very cute!


  1. […] used pinterest to make a nice long heart garland for Valentine’s day, but our tree just needed a little something more to bring out it’s full potential. […]

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