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Simple Valentine’s Tree Topper

We really enjoy the happiness having a holiday tree inspires in our little apartment. I think having a holiday tree is going to be a tradition we continue for quite a while. Gaia really enjoys coming up with ideas for each holiday, and even Hutch has chimed in with his opinion on how to make each decorating idea unique and fun for everyone.

We used pinterest to make a nice long heart garland for Valentine’s day, but our tree just needed a little something more to bring out it’s full potential. Here’s my idea of a tree-topper that’s super simple and easy!

Materials needed:

  • cardstock – I used red
  • embroidery thread – I used white
  • bulletin board and push pins
  • glitter and other embellishments are optional!

Here’s how to make your awesome heart tree topper:

  1. Cut out two hearts that are the same size. I just free hand drew a heart onto a piece of cardstock with a  pencil, cut it out , and then traced that shape onto another piece of cardstock.
  2. Line up the hearts together and use pushpins to poke holes around the entire shape about 3/4 inch apart. You can of course vary the space between holes to your liking.
  3. If you choose to embellish, you may want to do so before sewing your hearts together. Depending on whether or not you use glue and stuff, the hearts may need some drying time before handling again. For my topper I mixed some mod podge with glitter and just lightly glazed one side of each heart.
  4. Sew the top half of your hearts together. I simply just used a blanket stitch to add a border around the whole thing. Then sew the same border around each bottom half of the heart. The idea is to keep the heart hollow so you can stick it onto the top of your tree.

Once you finish that last step you’re done! Look at how simple, yet fabulous, your tree topper is!



  1. Thanks for linking up to Tutorial Tuesday!

  2. cute idea!

    would love if you can visit me:

  3. If I show my kids this they will definitely want to keep up the tree all year. I did when I was a kid have a table top tree I’d decorate for all holidays. Maybe I should bring that back?

  4. Valentines day tree? That is a such awesome idea. I absolutely love it

  5. Love this idea and the whole idea of a Valentine’s Day tree! Super cute!

  6. This is super cute! I never thought to do a Valentine tree.

  7. I just pinned this! What a festive idea! What a great tradition! By the way, I made the banana nutella bread, it was so yummy!!

  8. This is so cute! We have a live tree for Christmas, but now I’m thinking of getting a small one to decorate for other holidays. My son would get a big kick out of it, I’m sure!

  9. I love the idea of a Holiday Tree. Way to put that tree to use more than one month a year!

  10. Great idea, and a cute craft to work on with the kids!

  11. This is awesome. I really want a holiday tree, it’s just a matter of talking the hubs into it.

  12. Very creative! I’d love for you to share this or any of your great ideas at the link party going on now (and every Saturday through Tuesday) at ‘Or so she says …’ Hope to see you there!

  13. Very cute! I never thought about having a tree for Valentine’s Day, but I have to say, it’s very cool!


  14. I love your idea of a holiday tree! How fun to decorate it year round!

  15. I love that idea – I think it is so great to celebrate each holiday! The topper you made is really great and looks simple to make.

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