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Where I’ve Been.

That motivation thing that leaves me and reappears suddenly is at an off period. I apologize, but things have been a tad crazy around these parts. I feel quite overwhelmed finishing up my last online class and preparing for the baby.

Today is my birthday and I decided to cry because I’m 26 and I feel as though not enough forward progression has been made. I am steadily working towards a goal or two, but overall I feel like I should have accomplished more at this point. Yes, I realize twenty-six is not old at all. The celebratory feeling might just be masked by the impending birth of baby #2. I can’t tell, but I know I just imagined to be at a better place in my life by the point.

Our baby shower was yesterday and we were rewarded with much love and companionship by our friends. I’m officially 37 weeks today and so the count down has begun. I’m not one to rush things, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I am over this being huge and pregnant phase.



  1. Hi Shary! I made you a little birthday gift:


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