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Movies for a Healthy Crying Session

There’s nothing I like more than crying to a good sad movie. Don’t read that wrong. It takes a very special kind of “chick flick” to make me cry. I prefer movies that make you think, children’s movies, and the occasional heartwarming love story. It has to be completely believable, or entirely made up. That’s just how I roll.



Being so pregnant my emotions are already on high. Because of the limited mobility I’ve been experiencing these last few weeks, I’ve had the chance to watch a lot of movies. Here are some of my favorites:

The Fox and the Hound – This is probably the saddest Disney movie ever. I feel like Disney really wanted to make people cry when they created this classic. Have you seen it? I think it’s sadder than Bambi.

Crash – I love this movie so much. I cry every time I see it and it’s always at the same parts. I don’t want to ruin it for you, but the part with the little girl and her magic cape and the part where the young woman is stuck inside the car on fire… those parts… I cry every time!

The Notebook – This is the most recently released “chick flick” that makes me cry. I totally relate to the love story in nearly every meaningful way and I just can’t help myself. Who doesn’t dream of a love like that?

Steel Magnolias – A classic, I’m sure. I love this movie with a passion and it totally goes over most people’s heads. I feel like Steel Magnolias is completely underrated as far as meaningful movies go. When’s the last time you enjoyed a classic from your childhood?

The Lorax – When they sing that song at the end about the trees… I’m a walking faucet. If I think too hard about nature and politics and all that stuff I get extremely sad and The Lorax reminds me of those feelings.


Watching sad movies has been a good past time for me thus far. I also have the aid of Boogie Wipes for when things get ugly. Ugly crying isn’t recommended, but if things get crazy it’s nice to have a comfortable way to clean up the mess you might make of your face.

Boogie Wipes are like wet wipes, but made with a fresh saline solution so that you aren’t left feeling dry or raw. I used to tote around wipes in my purse for runny noses, but the 30 count of Boogie Wipes is a lot more compact and is great for wiping noses on the run! (Literally… tehe.) Or, if you’re like me, enjoying a good cry every now and then.

Disclaimer: Boogie Wipes provided me with their product free of charge to review, however all opinions are genuine and my own. I shall not tell lies!



  1. Anonymous says:

    I hate the notebook, hah. Totally laughed though the whole thing while my college friends cried. Sorry, I just thought it was dumb. I cried in the movie “AI” through. Have you seen that?

  2. I really liked the Lorax, except the heavy subliminal hug-the-earth-humans-are-bad message.

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