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Preparations in Progress

Hello friends! I am in so much pain and so miserable I haven’t been doing much of anything besides preparing for the baby’s arrival. I’m hoping if I stay busy worrying about that he’ll eventually show his adorable face. There’s not much setting up left to do, but I’m reminded of little things every day when I imagine him being around.

The below photo should help summarize:

I’m laughing because Gaia is actually being a total creep and is hiding behind me. She was photo bombing me pretty badly when Hutch was trying to get this picture. If you look to the right of the slightly-offensive car sticker my sister gifted me, you’ll see Tonks being all lovey as well. She follows me everywhere these days demanding love. She’ll literally cry at my feet when I pee. It’s annoying, but I secretly enjoy the affection.

When my sister came to visit we took a trip to a second-hand children’s store called Once Upon a Child. She got me a few clothing items, but while I was there I realized I did not have a bouncer or a swing or a playpen… to me this translated into I had nowhere to put the baby down during the day. I got home, freaked out, and the next day Hutch and I went on a  mission. I had looked at bouncers online and we decided we couldn’t afford anything fancy.

When we were at Target returning and exchanging things, I found this adorable woodland creature bouncer. I was lusting after it because it was not only cute, but it rocks, has a kickstand, and converts into a toddler chair. But alas, it was out of our budget. So we returned to Once Upon a Child and can you believe that they had a brand new one for a used price? It was in the box with all the original cardboard and plastic wrappers and everything! I am pleased as punch we were able to find something that was both cheap and awesome. 🙂

We have the crib set up, too. We are planning to finish the side-car assembly soon. My father and mother are each buying a crib mattress and we still need to attach the bed frame via bungee chords. Otherwise, we’re super thrilled to have that set up. I didn’t have a crib with Gaia, but I think this co-sleeping experience can yield better results if our son has his own space. I’ll of course let you know how that goes as time moves forward.

I’m attending a baby shower for my friend today. I literally just bought extra of everything I was lacking when preparing myself for the baby: some Mother’s Milk tea, nipple butter and baby bottom balm from Earth Mama Angel Baby, and I threw in some Babylegs I bought on sale over the winter along with some little things here and there. She’s due 4 days after me, so it’s fun to document our pregnancies together.



  1. What a fun picture – I love the bumper sticker 🙂 I love Once Upon a Child and refuse to buy any baby stuff new now!

  2. I *love* that you got your friend breastfeeding supplies like the nipple butter instead of bottles and such! So many times we go to baby showers and all they get are bottles and sposies! And of course a few cute outfits. I hope you stop hurting soon (while letting the babe cook of course). Love the sign btw. 😉

  3. It is super cute! I wish that I had one of these used baby shops near me! Oh, I love your sticker LOL It made me giggle.

  4. That sticker cracks me up!!!

    Also, I *LOVE* Once Upon a Child. We’ve found so many awesome things there, and it’s also where I buy the majority of my son’s clothes. They all look brand new or only worn once or twice, and I get them for so cheap!

  5. ooohhhh I love the little owls!
    And that sticker- WHERE DID YOU GET THAT! It’s AWESOME!

  6. I love Once Upon a Child. That is so awesome that you found the bouncer that you really liked there! 🙂

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