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The Green Cleaning Coach Helps Us to Stay Green!

I don’t generally buy paper products or harsh chemicals unless I have something totally messy to deal with. Hutch actually told me recently that I’m the most eco-concious person he’s ever known in real life. I was shocked, honestly, because I’m not a supper hippie tree-hugger by any means. I just try to be aware and minimize my footprint on the Earth. It seems natural to want to do so, and I find it a tad insulting when people think me washing my napkins is “strange.”

The Green Cleaning Coach sent me a little kit to help my efforts to minimize waste and be gentler on the planet starting with my home.

My cleaning kit included one Skoy cloth, one fancy glass cleaning cloth, an eco-sponge, a sample of Just Bee hand creme, and a small muslin bag of lavender. The Skoy cloth is my favorite, but I get some heavy use from my blue glass cloth wiping down the sliding glass doors from all the kid grime. I used the muslin bag of lavender as an air freshener for the car, and the hand creme is nearly gone from post-dishwashing hand maintenance. I haven’t used the eco-sponge yet, but it’s time is coming. If it’s anything like the other products I know I’ll be pleased. (I was contemplating trying it out as a magic eraser type thing… Gaia has some fancy artwork on her closet door I need to deal with…)

I also had the opportunity to read The Joy of Green Cleaning, which was really informative and packed full of awesome green-living recipes to utilize while cleaning. It was exciting to see that I already own most of the ingredients to make this stuff!

The Green Cleaning Coach can be found on both Facebook and Twitter. You should also stop by and enter your email address to receive tips and stuff in your inbox. Going green is easy when you have encouragement delivered right to your email, am I right? We all have to clean up every now and then. Might as well keep things super fresh by leaving all those chemicals behind.

Disclaimer: I received these products free of charge for review. All opinions are my own. I shall not tell lies!


  1. Looks like a neat kit. I’d love to get daily email tips myself. I find it weird that everyone isn’t more into natural stuff, if not for the earth than for their own family!

  2. looks like such a great products!

  3. Thanks for sharing thehome cleaning ideas, I hate to spend arms and legs for cleaning product, have been using vinegar for years now I have some new ideas and I subscribed to your cleaning tips…

  4. Love it! HATE all those nasty chemicals in other products!

  5. I <3 green cleaning tips. 🙂 It looks like I'll have to sign up!

  6. This is really cool! I don’t get why people think I’m weird for washing my napkins, either. Who wants to spend a ton of money on something that just creates a ton of waste? *THAT* seems weird!!!

  7. Thanks Shary for a wonderful review. I hope everyone stops by and signs up for the free email tips. I also share a tip a day on my facebook page. Today we made homemade green wipes! Happy Cleaning Everyone!

  8. Love that eco-sponge! I’ve been trying to wean my self off of paper towels, but am not quite there yet. I still probably use them (vs cloth towels) about half of the time. It’ just so much more convenient :-/

  9. This kit makes it look easy to use green cleaning products

  10. Congratulation for your green cleaning kit. As a mother of two little boys I always try to clean the whole house with natural products.

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