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[Almost] Wordless Wednesday

Hutch upgraded to an iPhone 4 today. One of the first photos is this little gem captured on the camera. Anders used to happy most of his awake time, but I admit it’s a rarity these days. He has some tummy issues we’re sorting through (I am not looking forward to cutting out dairy – please let it be something not dairy!) so he’s fussy a lot of the time. I feel bad sometimes because you can tell he’s so uncomfortable. It breaks my heart to have him cry and not be able to do anything about it. 🙁

Right now we’re doing a probiotic (I’m on day 3 of pumping – how exciting!) and we’re off to the chiropractor in an hour or so. I’m hoping for a miracle. I miss my sweet happy baby boy.



  1. What kind of probiotic are you giving him? I want to start my children, especially the baby. I need to message you about some things too. I know we share the same views on some things and so I have some questions I need help with

  2. How absolutely adorable!

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