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Back to Chores – It Gets Easier

As the baby grows older (and boy is he growing fast!) and mama heals up to a variation of normal, everything is settling down and we’re slowly getting acquainted with a routine of sorts. I’m learning what times are good to pop him in a carrier and attempt to get some chores taken care of. I’m also learning to utilize other helpful gadgets to make our lives easier so I can spend as much time as possible loving and bonding with the new baby. For example, I’m a fan of my SinkMagic Portable Dish Water Diverter.

As you can see we only have one sink. We generally just wash the dishes as they come, or we run the water constantly to wash and rinse and then set them to the side to dry. With my new SinkMagic I plug the drain and set dishes in the sink, pre-rinsing when necessary. Once the sink is full of dishes, I add soap and fill the sink with enough water to soak the tougher to clan pots and pans. Then I get to work with the water on, scrubbing and rinsing and setting to the side. My Portable Dish Water Diverter makes sure the basin doesn’t overflow while still enabling me to soak harder-to-clean dishes.

When I’m finished I just unplug it, turn on my garbage disposal, rinse the sink and tend to my children. The SinkMagic Portable Dish Water Diverter is quite a simple invention really, and it really does save me time!

My friend Arianna left for Tennessee on Friday. She was really helpful and cooked and cleaned and kept Miss Gaia entertained.Today is my first day alone with both kids, but Gaia is surprisingly well-adjusted for now. I’m thankful today isn’t a slap int he face because I feel normal enough to do productive things (like put away my Valentine’s tree… whoops!). I’m told it gets easier as time goes on. I hope so because so far it’s been really manageable. I’m grateful to have so much support!

Disclaimer: SinkMagic provided me with their product free of charge to review, however all opinions are genuine and my own. I shall not tell lies.


  1. Seems like a cool product.

  2. have never seen this anywhere before! will be looking for these at the shops, we don’t have dishwasher either!

  3. Sink Magic is available in for order and more info in fyi . thank you for your interest.

  4. What a unique product. I know several who don’t own dishwashers and they might be interested in a product like this to make life a little easier.

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