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Happy Easter!

I hope you’re all enjoying this time with your families! I know I am. I have the easiest, cutest baby on my hands. Today was truly a day of rest for us.

We went to Hutch’s parents’ yesterday. Their community had a promising “egg hunt” planned for the kids. Unfortunately it was a complete bust. As you can see they just had the eggs thrown out in a small area. There were two age groups, but it was still unfair. Some kids were crying because they got none, and some kids were gloating about having a basket full of twenty or so eggs. Gaia took a pretty heavy tumble over the yellow tape and had a late start. Parents maneuvered their children around mine to snatch up all the eggs nearby. She wound up with only four, but she walked away pleased as punch anyway and Arianna hid some additional eggs for her back at the house. I’m certain Gaia still enjoyed herself at the end of the day.



  1. It seems that a lot of community egg hunts are a big letdown. They usually don’t know how many kids are coming, so there isn’t enough eggs. And there’s no way to manage the fairness of it. I’m glad Gaia had a great time anyway!

  2. Bummer about the egg hunt! We haven’t taken my kids to any yet. My oldest is only 2 so we just hide eggs at our house for him to find. The ones in our community are the same – tons of eggs thrown down in the grass and a mad dash to get them. He’d probably be trampled.

  3. I did the hunt on my backyard – the last time we went to the hunt, it was quite ummm… busy, so I know exactly what you are saying

  4. Ugh. So sorry to hear about the egg hunt. The Easter Bunny hid eggs inside our house and around the yard. Much easier to keep track of my little one in our own space.

  5. I’ve enjoyed looking at everyone’s Easter photos. Your girl is adorable, super cute dress.

  6. Such a shame about the egg hunt. These things never seem well organized, do they?

    Glad to hear she still had a good time!

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