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Don’t Waste a Drop!

If you’ve ever been that new breastfeeding mother you know how precious your breast milk is. Even in the beginning when your mammary glands are working like a broken faucet you still have a certain attachment to every single drop of milk. I personally had issues with leakage and I could have bought stock in nursing pads. (I should have prepared myself with a few days’ supply of washable ones, but I didn’t think ahead.)

On top of that, I had to feed both my baby and my pump. When I could get them both going at the same time I was elated! But being tired and needed a minimum of 3 hands… well it didn’t work out that way all the time. So I was pumping when I could around Anders’s nursing schedule. Less sleep… awesome!

And then we got thrush. So I was boiling my parts for 20 minutes every night to try and keep the yeast beast at bay. I guess I took a cat nap at the wrong time, or maybe I just spaced out trying to write a paper. I can’t remember what exactly happened, but I came to with the sound of a hissing from my kitchen. And I knew right then… I let my pump parts boil down to melted status…

Yes. I also managed to ruin my favorite pot. It was a sad day indeed.

So there I sat, crying and feeling helpless. How was I going to preserve my baby’s milk now?

Luckily I had a Milk-Saver. Milkies created the Milk-Saver to help catch every drop of breast milk during those times where a mama is most likely to leak. While I waited for my replacement parks to arrive in the mail, my Milk-Saver saved my routine. I was able to feed Anders and have the other breast catch all my falling milk. Then when he was done eating I used the Milk-Saver to hand express. I would dump my milk into freezer bags and then use my nifty Milkies Freeze.

Milkies Freeze helps to organize those crazy freezer stashes. It can hold up to 60 ounces of freezer bag milk and makes first in-first out so simple! I love my Milkies Freeze because it is so compact making room for lots of freezer goodies!

I have a working pump now, thank goodness. My supply has evened out now and I leak less these days, but my Milk-Saver is still awesome throughout the day during feedings. I can catch an extra ounce and a half or so each day just by using the Milk Saver instead of a disposable pad. When you’re a mom trying to build a freezer stash, and extra ounce and a half is a lot. Got to save every drop!


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  1. POOR THING! My husband did this once with my tubing. Thank GOD I had a backup set of tubing.

    Thrush is evil. Honestly, the absolutely best, no fail remedy is gentian violet. It’s messy but worth it. We had thrush a total of three times, one time for three months straight. I had to do 34 days of diflucan, followed by two weeks of gentian violet treatment (4 days on, 3 days off, 4 days on again). Bless your heart! I hope you get rid of it soon! *hugs*

  2. I am so glad that you found the right kind of product to save that precious breast milk and feed your baby.. Never knew about Milk Saver before. Learn something new everyday. Thanks for sharing šŸ™‚

  3. This is brilliant! I am one of those moms — was never really able to pump above and beyond what my son eats, so an ounce was amazing. I need to look into this for my next babe – thanks for the review!

  4. We dealt with thrush as well. What a great product. Thanks for letting people know about it. Amazing all the things on the market that we never even know about until we read a blog post.

  5. I had one of these when I was nursing and loved it! I was always leaking on the side my baby wasn’t nursing from so this helped me save every little drop! It was great!!

  6. Oh dear! Thrush is awful, I remember those days! And I think I’ve ruined a few pans and bottle parts! Eek!

  7. This sounds perfect for nursing moms. I plan to breastfeeding baby #2 and have been looking into options for freezing my milk.

  8. That is fantastic! I wish I had that when I was pumping!

  9. So sorry you had thrush! I thought I had it once, but turned out I didn’t!

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