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I’m a Musical Mystery.

We’re a very musical family. I don’t play instruments myself, but both my fiance and my daughter play guitar. I do own both a bass guitar and  violin, but I just can’t figure out how to make things sound pretty. We’re all very much into listening to music though. With everyone combined we are very eclectic.

guitar drawing

Hutch drew this representation of his Epiphone SG.

Music is definitely at the heart of this family.

I personally have a song in my head at all times. When Arianna was visiting for the birth of Anders we had a lengthy conversation about it. She was laughing at me for singing a Shania Twain song and I was like, “I don’t control my internal radio. Only Universe can tell what will come next.” I then asked her if it was the same for everyone, and she assured me I was a weirdo who just randomly sings random songs at inappropriate times.

What happens is something will happen or someone will say something and my brain scans for the nearest possible song relating to said event. For example, when someone says “I try so hard” I sing (to the tune of Lincoln Park) “but it doesn’t even materrrr.” I think it’s contagious because now everyone in my household does it.

And it doesn’t stop there. I’ll make up songs to the tune of the Wonder Pets theme song telling my daughter to clean her room. I’ll make dirty songs from the 90’s hip hop era into lullabies for my baby. I sing while I cook, I sing while I clean, I hum to myself in the grocery line. I just can’t help myself!

And yet I’m horrible with matching musical artists with songs. I don’t even know the song title half the time. I’m the worst with music, and yet the best at the same time.



  1. I am only like that with music from my teenage years. I can hear the first note of any song on the “easy listening” station and immediately I can sing along. But then with current pop music I have no idea what they’re saying….and I’m always singing the wrong words. But it’s fun that way too.

  2. I’m in India and make up my own words AND meanings haha

  3. As long as you are enjoying it, I don’t think it really matters if you’ve got the words wrong or don’t know the song title 🙂

  4. That’s so cool that your daughter has started playing the guitar! I want to get my girls involved in music (and preferably, playing an instrument) while they are still young. I, on the other hand, am not musical at all!

    • I sit next to her and support her efforts. She’s not professional or anything, but she does enjoy it very much.

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