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Do you give a cup about kale?

If you know me you know that food is something I have a love/hate relationship with. I both love finding new recipes, and hate buying unfamiliar foods. When Peet’s Coffee approached me to take part in their “Give a Cup” program last week I was approached with the question in regards to kale. Kale the super-food I heard so much about? Well crap… I don’t know if I give a cup!


I chose the obvious answer at the time: “I don’t give a cup.” But the voting results were given and nearly 87% of Americans voted yes. I was on the hunt as to why.

I found out that kale is awesome! I secretly have kale on a regular basis. My mom apparently puts it in her smoothies… what?! And my favorite soup at Olive Garden has kale in it. And once I learned that making your own Zuppa Toscana was super easy in a crock pot, well I was sold. I now have kale in my fridge. (I’m going to use the rest to make kale yogurt chips for my daughter to freeze for her school lunches next month… super sneaky like mom!)

If I could go back I’d change my vote. Why yes, it has come to my attention that I do give a cup about kale!

Peet’s Coffee is on the road right now sampling out their new single cups. Give a Cup is the internet’s first social sampling experiment and by voting on the fun and  quirky topics you can decide where Peet’s Single Cups go next! You can follow Peet on twitter to keep track of the Sip Truck, or simply vote on the website to help determine if Peet’s Coffee comes to your area.

This week’s topic is Boston accents.

Do you give a cup?


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I was compensated to include links and promote the Give a Cup experiment. All opinions are my own, and I really am grateful I found out about kale. I shall not tell lies!



  1. I keep hearing about Kale and how great it is but I’ve never tried it! I’m going to have to find a recipe to try it with and see what all the fuss is about lol!

  2. Haha I love their “I don’t give a cup!” saying! How cute is that? I love kale in smoothies also (I fool the kiddos with it by adding LOTS of blueberries and bananas), and I also have made Kale Chips. You should try it! It’s all over pinterest, so you can find a recipe there. But honestly, so easy: spread olive oil and salt over the kale, then you bake it! Comes out crunchy and delish 🙂

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