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Finally Back in Cloth Diapers

I am happy to report that after several months of waiting, a snag with a horrible co-op on Facebook, and twice as many disposables Anders is finally sporting an adorable cloth diaper bum!

I had Gaia in cloth at around two months old. We tried several brands. We started with Kissaluv fitteds with Thristies. I didn’t like fitteds as the entire diaper would get soaked and still required a cover, so we traded those in for prefolds and a Snappi. I loved my Thirstie covers, but I noticed they would leave marks on Gaia’s legs and I was not too fond of that. So we tried BumGenius but struggled with several blowouts. Then we moved onto FuzziBuns which I loved and used for the duration of our cloth diapering adventure. I threw in some Baby Soft Wraps towards the end and those were probably my all-time favorite. I’m glad I held onto them so Anders can enjoy them, too!

This time around I realized that the price of a good-quality cloth had gone up significantly. The brands I love had re-branded and changed, and there was a ton of new information out there that I found to be a tad overwhelming. After lots of research I decided to just buy my entire stash from one place. I settled on Sunbaby diapers at co-op prices and paid $120 for my entire stash of 28 diapers including the inserts. I felt very proud!

I cut up three receiving blankets and sent them away to my mom to be serged for wipes. I ordered some Babyland wetbags for laundry, and snagged some Rockin’ Green detergent for cheap using coupon codes for

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Note: is affiliated with so you can use code SHAR3030 for 20% both shops. When Anders was in disposables we used Nature Baby Care, which is chemical free and biodegradable. You can find Nature Baby Care at

Our entire start-up cost was less than $150! Look at these cute prints!

sunbaby diapers

Although I really did not mind the brand we chose for disposable diapers, I love not having to worry about running low or dishing out more money on case after case of diapers. I honestly have more than enough diapers at this point and I may destash here soon to get rid of excess. I don’t like going more than three days before putting in a load of laundry, and we still have clean diapers to go through! I feel so fabulous and secure. I’m most likely too excited…

And look at this adorable happy baby:

sunbaby baby

He loves them. And you know what? I have had no leaky issues. I forgot how amazingly absorbent cloth is. Normally after sleeping all night long he’d start to get moist and the diapers we chose would leak after an all-night diaper. With my Sunbabies he wakes up looking and feeling fresh to the touch. No more morning diaper panic!

If you want more details on how to make the switch to cloth affordable and easy, contact me and I’d be happy to share my co-op links. 🙂

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I sincerely enjoy these products and websites and am sharing them with you out of the goodness of my heart. This post does, however, include an affiliate link.



  1. awww. he looks adorable. super jealous of his stylish underwear! 🙂 he’ll be the cutest baby on the block!

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  2. Those are the cutest cloth diapers!!!

  3. What a cutie!! Look at all the cool patterns too on the diapers.

  4. Yay for cloth! I have a dozen Sunbabys I bought with my first baby that my second is now using. One of the best deals I ever made! Plus, aren’t they cute? 🙂

  5. Way to go mama! I have a lot of Alva and Simply Cloth diapers which I think are similar to Sun Baby and I love them too. I really love that you spent only $150 on your stash, the whole reason we started cloth diapering ( was to save money but then I find it hard to not get sucked into the cloth diaper addiction and buy all of the expensive beautiful WAHM diapers. Nicely done 🙂

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