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Juppy Baby Walker is Easier on Mama’s Back!

I spend nearly all day hunched over. Breastfeeding and online school, sometimes simultaneously, keep me in this constant forward stance that is doing a number on my back. It’s not uncommon for be to stay this way all day often forgetting to straighten up. It’s worth it though. I have a happy baby and life is pretty easy lately.

Anders is doing fabulously. I’ve been cutting out soy in my diet as well as the dairy and that makes things a little more enjoyable for him. He’s a pretty happy baby and he’s reaching his milestones at such a speed that I couldn’t be more proud. It’s amazing really, how at only 3 and a half months old he can scoot around on his belly and grab anything within reach. He gets frustrated when he can’t do things. He’ll constantly beg to stand up and he must be facing the action at all times.

I’m in no rush to have him mobile. Since I’ve already done this before I am well aware that once he starts moving there is no stopping him. I remember the constant go, go, go during Gaia’s milestone development. I remember her trying to walk and all of the days I spent hunched over holding her tiny hands while she explored the world on her own two feet. It has a certain kind of magic to it: baby and toddler development.

When Juppy offered me a chance to try out the Juppy Baby Walker Momentum I was intrigued. I had heard of Juppy before but it almost looked like a unnecessary item for the little ones to endure. Anders is too little to be on his feet suspended like that. The Juppy has no age restrictions, but instead I had a mama and baby from my local babywearing group come help me test it out.

The Juppy Baby Walker is not a frivolous buy at all! It truly is a back saving item for parents! with the Juppy Baby Walker your child feels confident on his or her feet. My little friend was fastened safely into the Juppy harness, the straps were adjusted for his mama’s short stature, and off they went. We walked around, me wearing Anders and he child exploring in his own way, still within arms reach with his mama effortlessly trekking alongside him.


This is another item I’ve put in my future parenting arsenal. I’m in no hurry to get there, but I feel a peace in knowing that when Anders is ready I can take my baby out walking and still manage to stand upright myself. It’ll save him some frustration and me from stiff joints!


Look at how cute he is. He’s going to be trouble for sure. Watch out, world!


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  1. That’s awesome! I wish I had known about this when my daughter was just learning to walk!

  2. I will have to check this out! My baby boy is not ready yet for that but I will keep this in mind! I like that it looks simple to use. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We have the Juppy too! I love how yours has his name embroidered on it!

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