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#WalgreensAnswers is Helping me Regulate my Sleep Patterns!

Ever since my pregnancy issues with sleeping I haven’t been able to fully recover. I have been trying to figure out good sleep solutions, but breastfeeding makes it hard because most of the drugs offered go to my baby. I was recently offered an opportunity to check out Answers at Walgreens as part of a Collective Bias shop, and so I jumped with joy at the thought of getting a good night’s sleep.

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See, with Anders I started having joint pain at 7 weeks. My pregnancy with him was horrible from beginning to end. I would stay up for days because the thought of waking up with stiff joints that made it hard to move was frightening. After he was born I was up every few hours as part of the newborn stage. Now he sleeps most of the night, but even still I can’t see to rest during the night time.

I put the baby to bed at like 9pm. I have a bassinet in the living room because I move him there and play video games, do schoolwork, or chores that are on the quieter side. Before I know it Anders is awake around 4am for his top off, so I nurse him and then I start to get sleepy. I go to lay down, only to wake up to my fiance getting ready for work. I decide to get up with him and we have coffee together. I then go outside to check out the sunrise. I come back in and the baby wakes up soon for a diaper change. Then Gaia gets up for breakfast. I normally go to sleep with Anders at around 10am for his nap which is often interrupted by the needs of my 5-year-old. Once Anders wakes up from his morning nap I’m simply up all day trying my best to be productive. Because I am so tired I don’t normally make it out to run errands except for one day a week where I frantically cram everything into one day leaving everyone irritated, upset, and confused.

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I’ve always been a night owl and I love watching the sun come up. Call it insomnia if you will, but the anticipation for the next day gets me so excited that sleeping seems foolish. As a parent you can imagine how hard it is to care for your children on very little sleep. I have discussed insomnia with my doctor. I have also had bouts of temporary sleep paralysis, so I’ve talked with another doctor about narcolepsy. He thinks that I can solve my issues by going on heavy prescription medications. Unfortunately I am unwilling to give up breastfeeding, so it is on the back burner.

I am happy to report I’ve found one of the many sleep solutions that will work for us. I spoke with the pharmacist at Walgreens yesterday. After an in-depth look into my issues we decided that a small dose of Benadryl here and there on nights where I must sleep can help me to survive as a productive member of society. Benadryl does still pass into breast milk, but it not enough to cause any significant worry. So last night I took one capsule, passed out, and woke up refreshed! Thanks, Answers at Walgreens!

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As a result today was a very productive day for us. I woke up at a decent hour and made breakfast. I played with the baby, completed my week’s school assignments, and did two loads of laundry before Hutch got off. Then we went and registered my oldest for Kindergarten, bought school supplies, and went to the mall as a family. Being fully awake and feeling rested all day is rather refreshing. Maybe I can kick start a somewhat normal schedule to keep it going and have the same result more often!


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  1. Getting on a regular sleeping schedule is so hard after having a little one but it makes such a big difference. I hope you’re now on your way to establishing a routine and getting a good night’s sleep!

  2. I’m glad the pharmacist at Walgreens was able to help you find a solution that worked.

  3. I used to buy over the counter sleeping pills until I read the main ingredient was Benadryl. When my sleep gets real out of whack I will take a couple about two hours before I want to sleep. I get messed up when I’ve been sick and taking Nyquil. I go from a lot of sleep to not being able to so need a little something to relax the brain.

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