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Time to Geek Out for Loot Crate’s One Year Anniversary!

I know it can be slightly shocking, but this mama loves to play video games. I used to get so sad / annoyed / irritated because as a mom there isn’t a whole lot of time to play video games. I’ve since learned that I don’t have to give up that part of my pre-baby life. I may not have all day to spend in match after match anymore, but I can find at least an hour a day to myself. And I can supplement all other aspects of my life with goodies from my Loot Crate submission.

There are tons of subscription boxes available. these days from healthy snacks, nail polish, to things for your pets! Loot Crate is by far my favorite because each month I get a lovely reminder of everything I love about who I am. Each box is filled with various gamer memorabilia to make nearly every geek squeal with joy. It’s also one of the cheapest subscription boxes available, and as someone who has tried several of them Loot Crate gives you the most bang for your buck at just $13.37!

Just check out my goodies from the July box:

loot crate july

Amongst the Video Game High School DVD, pencil, and buttons I’m getting the most use out of the Sonic air freshener (in our car!) and Gaia loves her Wolverine PEZ. The stickers have been added to my collection for when I I get my own car and the awesome Star Wars ear buds are in my mp3 player pouch!

Loot Crate is celebrating their one-year anniversary this month! Sign up by August 19th and get the special anniversary box! The theme this month is cake so use the code CAKE for 12% off your August subscription box. Not a gamer? Send this great box to a friend easily. Anyone who has a love for video games will not be disappointed!

So what are you waiting for? Go get some loot!


Disclaimer: I received the products above for free in exchange for a product review. This post, however, is honest and true and all opinions are 100% my own. Affiliate links are also included. I shall not tell lies!



  1. I love games!! I just heard of Loot Crate..looks fun! We have a subscription box now that’s food, but my kids would love this!! Is there always a video?

    • No not always. Sometimes there are tee shirts or small electronics. There’s always one bigger item and some small things to accompany it.

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