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More Night Time Talk (featuring Lullaby Light Cube)

Nights are finally getting easier. I’ll admit that for a while there I was feeling pretty hopeless being caught in the middle of the 4 month sleep regression. People tried to tell me it only lasted a few weeks and would be over soon, but I swear it was longer than a month. My fiance has had some great luck getting the baby to sleep, and he admitted that it was all because of our Lullaby Light Cube.

lullaby light cube

The Lullaby Light Cube has stars that shine from the top, a touch sensor for the four settings, a touch sensor for volume control, and a base if you wanted to leave the light cube on a stable surface. The stars can shine in three colors: orange, blue, or green. The orange plays Rockabye Baby, the blue plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and the green setting is a heartbeat sound. They are all designed to soothe your baby into a long-lasting sleep with ease!

When I first got the light cube I was skeptical. I used it once or twice and then got so frustrated because my baby found it more distracting than anything else. I left it in the nursery corner of our bedroom, but little did I know that my fiance continued to use it regularly as a way to get Anders to sleep (or back to sleep) without me nursing him down. Once that information was revealed to me, I use it all the time too! And let me tell you, this baby goes to sleep in little to no time now! It’s really awesome only having to take about ten minutes out of my evening to get the little guy to sleep for the night.


Anders still loves to play with the Lullaby Light Cube before snuggling up to sleep, but it’s quite brief and I’m convinced he just needs to expel his last bit of energy before calling it a day.

I do wish the light cube played music or sounds in the fourth setting where the colors of light rotate. And I know it would make for a much more complex design, but I feel like a rotating light fixture (so the constellations moved) would make for a more valuable product.

Either way we love the Lullaby Light Cube. Hutch feels ultra secure in taking over some of the night time and nap duties now that we’re over this hump and have the light cube to help. That paired with the ease of gettign him to bed while nursing means mom has lots of time on her hands for more fun things!


Isn’t he such a sweet baby?

You can get your Lullaby Light Cube on in either pink or blue.


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  1. This looks so cool! I wonder if this will work for my son; he’s struggling with fear of the dark now. 🙁

    • Suzi, how old is your son? My oldest is 5 and she’s still afraid of the dark. When she was a toddler we got her one of those glow turtles and she still uses it to this day! She turns it on and goes right to sleep. It has a timer so it turns off by itself. Way cool!

  2. That is so cool! My daughter has wanted something like that for a while now.

  3. Very cool! My daughter is 13 months, and still not sleeping through the night without waking up to nurse. I wonder if this would help.

    • My son wake sup to nurse. I hear when co-sleeping and breastfeeding it’s to be expected. I’ve heard that dream feedings work well if you actually mind waking up to nurse. I don’t really notice too much. It’s like a 30 second one-eye half open kind of deal.

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