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Why Menstrual Cups are Better Than Pads and Tampons

I reached out on my Facebook page the other day asking for opinions and questions on menstrual cups. I had a friend surprisingly respond with an array of questions and she was serious about knowing more. I was surprised because this friend in question is really quite educated and I was unaware she hadn’t already made the switch like other girlfriends I associate her with. So I’m dedicating this post to said friend, and all the other women out there who wish they knew more about menstrual cups!

My Problem with Pads and Tampons

I remember before my cup days I used tampons. They’d often hurt going in and leak and my period was a pain. Then the string would aggravate my other lady bits and I’d have to fetch it from out of the crevices of my body’s natural folds. They’re expensive, too. And because I was younger then with younger boyfriends, it’s not something I could just add to the grocery list. And I know you’re not supposed to flush them, but who wants a blood soaked tampon in the trash? So I flushed them… and I have had my share of bloody bathroom floods.


Just say no to pads and tampons!

I never was a pad user, but I know people who are. Strangely enough most of these people also have dogs. And those dogs love the period days. I can recall so many occasions where dogs would run out into the living room with their female owners embarrassed to be chasing their fur babies over a ripped up used pad. Also, the bathroom reeks of blood, ladies. I love you, it’s natural, I understand. But just because you wrap your used pad in the wrapper of the new one does not mean the smell goes away.

I do use pads for my lochia after giving birth though, and I can tell you right now that I can’t stand the “diaper rash” associated with regular use. I can’t even imagine having to worry about all that once a month.Besides the annoyances and the obvious land fill epidemic, tampons and pads are littered with nasty chemicals like bleach and rayon. Phallin of My Secret Cup goes into further detail about the dangers of both tampons and pads in her article “Why no pads or tampons?” Read it, because I love you and you need to know that these things are not good for your body.

My Switch to Cups

I had wanted a menstrual cup for a while before having my daughter almost 6 years ago, but when I did become pregnant I knew that it was a better time than ever to start my postpartum cycle off right with a Diva Cup. Yes, it was awkward. Learning the folds, positioning, and sealing mechanisms involved took a cycle or two to get the hang of. But I tell you what, the joy of not having to shop for disposable products and leaving no trace of my period in the trash can was well worth it.

Now several people come to me asking about leakage and going a long time without a bathroom break, etc. I have the “niagra falls” period. I have had very little leaks and when it does happen I know right away it’s because I rushed on insertion and didn’t seal my cup properly. It’s a learning process, like I said. But my cup can withstand nearly an entire day from cleaning it in the morning until I am settled for the evening.

I clean my cup once a day, in the morning. The rest of the time I’m just dumping and reinserting. If I have access to a private bathroom or handicap stall, I will rinse it thoroughly in the sink before reinserting. You can do the whole process without getting blood on you, I assure you. But let’s face it, if you are A. using the bathroom and B. changing your “cycle armor” then shouldn’t you wash your hands anyway? Just a thought…

Menstrual cups should not hurt you or cause any discomfort. If you’re experiencing any kind of odd sensations with a cup you’ve probably just inserted it wrong. The menstrual cup should fully encompass your cervix upon insertion. Most leaks and discomfort are cause by part of the cervix not being covered. This is an easy fix! Don’t be discouraged! Simply removed your cup and try again.

More About

Phallin is a mother of four with a history of horrible cramping and difficult periods. She began her journey in 2012 and has since been on a mission to spread the use of menstrual cups to all females! She is a firm believer in using menstrual cups to minimize pain and disease in the lives of women everywhere and minimize the effect that traditional pads and tampons have on the land fills.

My Secret Cup is a website dedicated to Phallin’s mission. It has tons of information about pads, tampons, and switching to a cup including wonderful videos to get you started and answer most of your questions. I wish I had someone to walk me through my experience like Phallin does in her videos. The website is loaded with information to assist you in making the decision to better the experience you have with your cycle.

My Secret Cup is also an online store carrying most brands of menstrual cups and corresponding accessories available in the USA. Prices are fair, sales are frequent, and shipping is free through August 16 with code SHIPITFREE! I love Phallin because her goal is simply educate and spread knowledge about our menstrual cycles.

Phallin of My Secret Cup is giving away one Diva Cup or one Lunette Cup in the winner’s choice of size and color! This giveaway runs for two weeks beginning Friday August 2, 2013 at 12:00 am EST and ending on August 15, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST. This giveaway is open to all US residents and prize will be shipped directly from Prize must be claimed within 24 hours or another winner will be chosen. Enter on the Giveaway Tools form below. Good luck!

A winner has been chosen! Thank you for entering!

Thank you for stopping by and learning about my switch to a menstrual cup. I hope you will check out and consider making the switch!

Disclaimer: This post and corresponding giveaway are sponsored by Atta Mama is not responsible for fulfillment of prizes. All opinions are my own and I am a very serious backer of menstrual cup use. I shall not tell lies!



  1. I had no idea that these things even existed. It seems like a neat idea. I watched the video on how to insert it. I like that it only has to be dumped once a day.

  2. I find it interesting how using them can make your period shorter/lighter vs wearing tampons.

  3. I am nursing so I haven’t had a period yet, but I would love to win won of these cups to try it out because I have only ever used tampons and I do not like that they are bleached..etc..

  4. I do not currently use a cup, but I have been wanting to get and try one for a long time.

  5. I’ve never used a menstrual cup because I like having something to actually “grab” on to, like a string on the tampon and menstrual cups usually don’t have something similar. I’m so excited to see that these having something to get it out with! I hope that I win this one. πŸ™‚

  6. I just started using one so I’m still figuring things out, but I love the cleaner and less smelly-ness of it all.

  7. I’ve heard of menstrual cups before but never anything in detail. I wasn’t sure of what to expect so, the videos have been great for information! I’d really like to try it.

  8. Sarah Hayes says:

    I have one but never used it. kind of nervous

  9. I have never used a menstrual cup before but I am very interested. I listened to a few of the videos on the site and they are very informative. The most appealing thing to me is the savings from not having to stock up on disposable products.

  10. Jessica Ott says:

    I do not have one of these. I like that it is easy to use and clean. I do not like using pads (was Never a fan of tampons) and I quite honestly had never heard of a menstrual cup before. I am beyond excited that there is another option out there! Would love to win!!

  11. Renee H. says:

    I haven’t used them yet but I was planning on switching when my menses starts back (baby is 6 months old).

    • Renee H. says:

      I love that it removes the blood without actually removing other things your body needs like tampons do.

  12. I have NEVER heard of this. I mean I really I thought I knew all there was to know. WOW. I don’t know how I feel about it. I HATE tampons because I hate the way they feel but I am sick of “diaper rash” too. I would be willing to try, maybe.

  13. I have not had the opportunity to try a menstrual cup (probably because I am chicken and think I would put it in wrong and it would hurt!)! But I am feeling brave today and I am sick of messy, smelly, staining tampons and pads! I want to try!

    I imagine that these cups are very hygienic and and good for your body! Don’t want to be putting all of those bleached tampons and toxic coated pads next to my lady parts!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. Danielle says:

    I’ve always been curious about these products! Couldn’t hurt to try them if I win!

  15. BreannaS says:

    I was interested to learn that you can wear them for hours without dumping. Much longer than a tampon.

  16. MeesusBee says:

    I have never used a menstrual cup before but, recently,I have been thinking about trying it out. There are many reasons to buy one that we don’t always immediately think of is one that can save a life; whether it be from safe materials that don’t expose us to toxins like other menstrual solutions do or the way the cup makes it easier to monitor the quality/quantity of our menstrual flow, menstrual cups keep us safer!

  17. Crystal Bess says:

    i have used them and they work great.

  18. you can go for 12 hours without emptying the cup

  19. I actually just recently learned about menstrual cups, looking to try one out.

  20. Yes, I use one and won’t go back to other products.

  21. Yes I do use menstrual cups! Love that they are made of soft silicone that forms to your body πŸ™‚

  22. Up until a couple of months ago, I had never heard of a menstrual cup. Then a friend of mine hosted a giveaway from My Secret Cup on her blog, I entered and WON! This is my first cycle using it and I have to say I’m hooked. It took some patience getting it right the first time I tried it, and the first day it felt a little strange. But I think that was only from trying to insert it several times. The second day, I was able to get it right on the first try. And I couldn’t even tell it was there. I think a big part of it is just getting used to the idea of it. It’s a bit intimidating at first, which makes you tense up. I don’t see myself ever going back to pads or tampons. Thank you, My Secret Cup!

    • Trisha told me about! I’m glad to meet you on my blog, Sarah, and I’m happy to hear you’re in love with your new cup!

  23. Ashley Leonard says:

    i haven’t tried them yet. looks like they work with all kinds of flow

  24. Menstrual cups will change your life. Trust me on this.

  25. I want to try one but can’t figure out which one is best. I’m a virgin, with pretty heavy flow (at least I think so) that has clots and whatnot on the heaviest days (sorry if that’s TMI), and I think I have a pretty long vag.

  26. Iheartpinkpetals says:

    I have yet to try the or Lunette but I would love to get a chance to review them!

  27. I’ve never used one, but I love the idea of the blood collecting in the cup and not pressed against my vulva or getting on my panties. (Pad user)

  28. Brittany C says:

    I have no used them, but I want to start! I’m currently 6 months pregnant and planning to cloth diaper, and I thought I should get on the going green board, too. Not just my son! :]

  29. I find it really reassuring that they are made from medical grade plastic! I hadn’t known that!

  30. I’m a cup newbie. So far my favorite thing is sleeping at night. It’s the best I’ve ever slept during my period! (except still getting up to care for the baby) I would like to win another for a back-up in my purse and to try a different brand.

  31. I have been wanting to try one out and learned that menstrual cups have no know cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome associated with them and they can be worn up to 12 hours!

  32. Maria D. says:

    I’ve been using one for several years now, but after two kids, I’m ready for a new one. πŸ˜‰ I really love that you ALWAYS have material on hand– no extra trips to the store just for pads!

  33. I think it’s interesting that you don’t have to clean/change it out as often as a tampon.

  34. I don’t use one, but I’d be interested in giving it a try, mostly to cut down on wasting products every month.

  35. I haven’t tried them yet but would love to. I’d love to stop buying all the disposable products and avoid all those harsh chemicals!

  36. I do not use a menstrual cup but I have heard good things about them. I don’t get my monthly friend like that but when I do I like something easy and simple and that won’t make me feel gross. These may be up my alley.

  37. I’ve been lusting over a menstrual cup for as long as I can remember, but I’m still too afraid to make the switch. Even though almost all of the reviews are positive, I still can’t imagine how less messy using a menstrual cup will be. Well, I guess it could be a good start to try if I ever win one ;). Thanks for giving this opportunity!

  38. I use a Luna cup and it has changed my life! I can’t imagine being without it πŸ™‚

  39. I have a Diva Cup, but have not gotten to use it yet since my period is taking its sweet time to get here.

  40. I have tried the Diva cup but didn’t quite care for it (maybe it will grow on me when I try again no longer pregger later this fall). BUT I have heard wonderful things about the Lunette cup and would love to see if it works better with me!

  41. Khristin Zakem says:

    I like the idea of menstrual cups for the same reasons I like cloth diapers. They save you money and trips to the store and keep extra waste out of the land fill.

  42. Curious Georgette says:

    I like the idea of only having to deal with it twice a day.

  43. Hayley s says:

    I have not tried them yet! I find it interesting that you can wear one for up to 12 hours without having to empty it!

  44. Jessica Hughes says:

    I haven’t used a cup yet – still waiting to get that wonderful (sarcasm) first period after baby girl was born 2.5 months ago. When the time comes, I’m definitely getting a cup! I love that there is zero waste, and that it’s effectively a one-time purchase. No more expensive tampons for this lady!

  45. Melissa C. says:

    No, but when AF returns I’d like to try lunette. It looks so much more comfortable than tampons!

  46. Julie L. says:

    I am considering switching to the cup. I’ve read lots about them and I like the fact that they can make periods shorter and/or lighter!

  47. I don’t use one, but I’ve been wanting to. I love that they may only need to be changed twice a day!

  48. I love my cup!!

  49. I made the switch last month and I’m never looking back!! I would love to either try a different brand or just have a back up.

  50. Tiffany S says:

    I am currently use the Diva Cup and have open my sister’s mind to the cup versus a tampon- so this prize is for her.

  51. Alison L says:

    I don’t have one yet and am almost 10 moths postpartum without my period – but I’m thinking about getting one soon once everything starts back up!

  52. Kristi H says:

    I havent used a menstrual cup yet. But I was curious to try one. I mostly interested because I want to reduce the cost I spend on disposable mesntrual products and reduce the amount of waste I put into the landfills. I am currently pregnant so I wont need one for a bit.

  53. Jessica Kennedy says:

    I received a sample of a disposable cup when I was on campus at my college. There were a bunch of women passing them out, and I was handed one. I ran out of tampons and figured I’d try it out and ended up loving it! I’m planning on getting a diva cup or something like it if I can find a store near me that sell them =) Or… I could win one πŸ˜‰

  54. Danielle D says:

    I do not, but I learned that they are much more flexible than I had thought.

  55. Melissa Arndt says:

    I want to use one because tampons give me horrible cramps and a cup could really help.

  56. Carissa Joslyn says:

    I haven’t yet! But I learned/like that they are obviously re usable so you don’t have to be buying stuff just to through it out! and just seems a lot cleaner!

  57. Heather Ratliff says:

    I used one on a road trip recently and it was fantastic not to have to change anything at every stop!

  58. I have not tried one yet, but I’ve been interested. I like that they don’t have to be changed for so long.

  59. I love that they’re environmentally friendly

  60. I’d like to have a cup to replace tampons. I like how they are reusable and you don’t need to remember to take a new one with you since you just have to empty and replace the cup.

  61. trisha kilpatrick says:

    I don’t use one, but I have been so tempted to try. I love that there is no waste, and that I could swim with it since I refuse to wear tampons.

  62. I love the idea of not using chemical internally and saving money and landfill waste!

  63. I have wanted to try one for a while. I like that they are reusable.

  64. Alexis Bertch says:

    I’ve never used one. But I would love to have shorter periods! lol

  65. I love my cup!

  66. I love that they shorten my periods, and they are way more comfortable than tampons!

  67. I use cloth pads and would love to try a reusable cup!

  68. Amberjade H says:

    I’ve been looking at these for awhile and just never made the plunge. Now, since I’ve been getting more crunchy, I’d really like too. Plus I hear they reduce cramping pain…

  69. This is very interesting, going to look into it

  70. I just recently found out about cups. I would love to try the lunette. Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. I love that menstrual cups work for 12 hours between needing to be rinsed. I plan to use one as soon as we have our kid.

  72. I have never heard of these. I am happy to know it doesn’t contain latex.

  73. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been wanting to try one of these for a while. I tried something like this when there was a disposable bowl shaped thing they used to sell.

  74. Kristina Gray says:

    Until recently I had never even heard of a menstrual cup. I am most interested in the fact that it will save you money over time since it’s reusable.

  75. I’ve only ever used the disposable cups. I like them because I can wear them longer without worry – I’d love to try a reusable one.

  76. I’ve never used one but I’m willing to try. πŸ™‚ I’m really surprised at how few times it has to be changed and at how easy it seems.

  77. I have never used a cup but am sooo interested in trying one, because it is so eco-friendly!

  78. beki lzoano says:

    i just had my son 3wks ago and have been wanting to try one of these seem to be less mess and just over all cleaner

  79. I have a diva cup, but i think it’s too big, and would love to try a smaller size lunnette!

  80. I’ve been wanting to try a cup! It seems easier than I thought it might be.

  81. Not entering the giveaway, but really wanted to comment. I’ve tried 2 different cups, each in 2 different sizes, and all of them leak like crazy! I’ve tried different insertion techniques. I’ve heard the seal sound. Yet they still leak. No idea what else I can do. Any tips?

    • Erica, I am sorry you are having issues with your menstrual cups! It took a while for em to figure out how to use mine flawlessly. Are you using the right size? Most brands have sizes depending on whether or not you’ve had children. Phallin has some awesome videos that I wish I had to help me in the beginning of my cup adventures. Try giving those a look because I learned quite a bit even though I’ve been using my cup for over 5 years!

  82. Amanda Selenke says:

    I have a lunette size 1 and love it! never leaked, fits great (even though I’ve had a baby and got size 1)….wish I’d found these sooner!

  83. What a great idea!

  84. I just started using a menstrual cup with a particularly heavy post-breastfeeding cycle and I LOVE my cup. Yes, it leaked..but once I figured out how to best insert it for my body, the leaking became less.

  85. I’ve never used a menstrual cup before but am interested in trying one since they’re better for you.

  86. I love how much money they save you! having said that though I have yet to find the perfect cup that fits well and doesn’t leak. I’ve heard great things about the Lunette and would love to give it a try.

  87. I’ve never used a cup but I’m about to go abroad for 8 months and am looking for a space-saving and convenient alternative to tampons. It’s interested that they can reduce flow over time! That would be a welcome change. I also am looking to be more environmentally conscious, especially as I will be living in a developing country.

  88. Catherine Palumbos says:

    I don’t use one yet and I find it very interesting that they can reduce flow and cramps. That would be amazing!

  89. Sarah McCarty says:

    Wow, you can save $400 in 5 years!

  90. I don’t, but I’m pregnant! Every time I plan to buy one, I end up pregnant before the day I plan to leave! What luck, eh? πŸ™‚

  91. Laura Simon says:

    I haven’t used a cup yet, but I love how reusable they are! Dump and go!

  92. I’ve been thinking about trying this. I’m curious as to if they really ease the pain. I like that its reusable because I love saving money.

  93. Rachael C says:

    I’ve never tried a cup before, but I hope to soon! It looks so much easier/better than my crappy tampons. πŸ™

  94. I have so been wanting to try one!

  95. Jessica Long says:

    I would love to try it, I think they look much more sustainable and ;less prone to leaking

  96. I find it a bit mean that every give-away is only ever for Americans… :<

    • I am very sorry! It is not up to me, if that matters. Each sponsor decides where they will ship the prize. I apologize that you can not participate.

  97. Charlotte R says:

    I have not used any yet, but would love to. A bit skeptical, and have a hard time paying money to try it.

  98. Miranda C says:

    I haven’t tried cups yet but I do use mama cloth pads…I would love to try one! I like that they are reusable!

  99. I havent yet but really want to! I love that they’re so much safer and cleaner!!! (plus will save money over the long run although its hard to shell out one lump sum)

  100. I have not used one before

  101. i haven’t tried one yet (pregnant!) but can’t wait to make the switch – tampons literally give me migraines!

  102. I haven’t tried one, but have heard good things.

  103. I love that its not chemicals and it leaves no waste for the environment.

  104. I have not used a cup yet, but would love too! I love the fact that it reduces waste and there is no emergency run to the store to pick up tampons!

  105. Trisha W. says:

    I have a Diva.

  106. I literally just starting using one yesterday (Lunette). So far so good. Definitely a learning curve!

  107. Candy Tryggestad says:

    less pain and shorter periods

  108. Candy Tryggestad says:

    have not used but would love to try

  109. These seem like another great way to be a little less wasteful

  110. I used the diva cup for about one year, until I LOST IT! πŸ™‚ Ridiculous, I know, but I have no idea where it went. For a long time I thought it disappeared under my bathroom sink, but it was never recovered. I still have the fabric carrying pouch and sometimes wonder what the person who found it thinks it is!!!! πŸ™‚

  111. Shary,
    I’m so glad to read this review about your easy transition. I am an advocate for menstrual cups, even buying my teenage sister one when she started her first cycle. I’m glad to know about MySecretCup, to have another resource at hand. As you saw on my blog, I wrote a post about my experience with advice on choosing a cup, using a cup, and cleaning a cup, . Let’s keep this female empowerment going.
    Congrats on having such a popular post!
    -Krista Davis

    • Thanks Krista! I’ve been using a cup since after my daughter was born. I will never go back and I totally recommend them to everyone with a period to worry about.

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