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Mother-Daughter Bonding with I See Me Books

It’s official… I’m the mother of a Kindergartener. Gaia started school this week and she’s loving every minute of it! Her teacher is wonderful and Gaia is making lots of friends and having lots of fun. I like the new schedule we have going now. We wake up at 6:30 and I make her lunch while she does the preparations for her day. I sometimes have to make minor adjustments to her outfit because she tries to wear some pretty ridiculous things these days. Then most days Hutch watches the baby while I drive her to school.

After school she takes the bus home. As part of her homework each day we have to read a book. I don’t do a bedtime routine for my children, but I do read to her whenever Gaia asks. Because we have to now keep a log of what we read, we do it every afternoon when she gets home. One of her favorite books is The Super, Incredible Big Sister by I See Me.


My daughter thinks I’m magic or something getting her name into the book’s pages. It’s really cool because the book references her baby brother by name and talks about all the awesome ways she can be a great sister. I love how all the wording is precise when it comes to pronouns and actions. Their names are plastered all over without seeming unnaturally used. It came with a nifty medal she can wear around, too!

I See Me wants to make each child feel special by offering a selection of books that can appeal to each child’s unique interests. In addition to the general every day topics, the website also has a great list of personalized back to school items for your little ones. Lunchboxes, too! There’s also a great sweepstakes going on for this last week in August. Click here to enter (sweepstakes ends 8/31).


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  1. These books are just so awesome. I seriously want to get one for my boy! (Especially if it’s train or puppy focused.)

  2. What a sweet book I love personalized items :D!!

    Welcome to the world of K 😀

  3. Given that my daughter’s name is VERY unique, I may consider having a book or two made with her name.

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