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Taggies Sleeper Gets Me Through My Late Nights

My sleeping habits have improved somewhat. I still have restless nights where I just can’t imagine going to bed. On these nights I’m often up late surfing the web, catching up on schoolwork, or playing video games. Often times these tasks are done while nursing at the keyboard. We’re in the middle of the 4-month sleep regression phase. It’s a very challenging phase and probably one of my top 3 least favorite things about having a baby next to teething and spit up perfume. Luckily, I found a must-have baby product that helps us cope: the new Taggies Sleeper!

Taggies is a brand of unique baby items that appeal to the senses of our tiniest loved ones. Children love Taggies products because the texture of ribbons keeps them intrigued for long periods of time. The Taggies Sleeper keeps all that in mind and they’ve created a  bassinet-like product that we adore in our household.

taggies sleeper 3

So my night goes something like this… After Gaia and Hutch go to bed the baby and I stay up and play for a few hours. As he starts to get sleepy, I post up on my computer with my nursing pillow. I nurse him to sleep and keep him there for a good half an hour or so as he drifts into a deep sleep. I then swivel my chair around to face the Taggies Sleeper I have positioned behind me. I gently move him in, pat his butt if he starts to stir, and voila! A happy peaceful baby!

He is a side sleeper, so when I place him down in the soft sleeper he feels secure and padded all around. And the sides are made of mesh so those times when he mashes his face against the sides I can feel safe knowing he can still breathe.

taggies sleeper 1

I initially had some issues with the bolster, but I honestly did not know it could be removed. I had a wonderful experience with the customer service staff at Kids II, Inc. and now we can enjoy our Taggies Sleeper even longer! This is definitely a must-have for parents of young babies. It has been added to my baby shower ideas list and I’ll be holding onto mine for future children!

taggies sleeper 2


Disclaimer: I received the Taggies Sleeper from Kids II, Inc. free of charge for review. All opinions are my own. I shall not tell lies!



  1. My 5.5 year old niece is really petite but she has this exact sleeper and still uses it thanks to the generous 20lb weight limit – its great for her acid reflux.

  2. This looks great! We used the Rock n Play with our boys, and this seems like it would work just as well if not better!

  3. Sounds like a great product! Your baby is so cute and looks like he is having a very good time with taggies 🙂

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