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I am not a wrapper.

When we moved into our new place this past summer I felt a kind of relief sweep over me. It’s as if the layers upon layers of “stay away” syndrome melted away and I was anxious to make mommy friends. Utilizing Facebook groups, I found a nice group of women who liked to wear their babies. I lurked for a bit, then I talked more and more, I even did some trades. I finally ventured out and attended a few meet-ups! I made one or two friends and I still am active in the online group. I don’t go to the meet-ups anymore.

I recently read about Bre’s adventures into the world of making mommy friends, and I can totally relate. The women were impersonal, didn’t try too hard to make me feel welcome, and the meetings made me want to flee! (Luckily they were held in the mall, so I could easily just leave and do something else.) I showed up with my SlingEZee the first time, felt small, went home and sold it. I regret this so much. That ring sling was so comfy and worn in and lovely. But I sold it in a moment of weakness simply because I felt inferior for loving it so.

When I got my replacement sling in the mail and discovered how much I hated it, I found solace in lusting over wraps I could never afford. Before being a part of this group, I would say to myself “Oh it’s pretty but I could buy this this AND this instead.” For some reason going to those babywearing groups had me thinking it was worth it. I have never seen so many expensive wraps in one place in my life. I would borrow one of my favorites at the meetings and just love my baby in it. All of a sudden I needed one. NOW!

kokadi ahoi baby wrap

I had generated a list of things I needed. Kokadi Ahoi (pictured) was at the top of the list along with a Girasol Nisus in Cuervo. Also on my list were Hoppediz Pune, KoKaDi Mother Nature, and Elias Im Wunderland. I would stalk them and lust over them on baby wearing swaps. I almost bought an Ahoi in early August, but I couldn’t quite afford it and the colors were so faded I didn’t dare call to borrow money from my father. (He’d be disappointed in the quality.)

In order to justify the expense next time I had a chance to buy something, I decided to try and find what size was perfect for me. A Moby, from experience, was too long and I despised dealing with all that fabric. I went shorter, but then I found that the fabric was too bulky to do what I wanted. I made 2 DIY’s, borrowed from the lending library, and finally after my 5th wrap I called it quits. I cried, but I came to terms with it. I guess I’m just not a wrapper.

In my defeat I traded my Yamo for an Ergo. And then I fell in love. Dude, soft-structured carriers and Mai Teis make my world go round. I have the Ergo and my Babyhawk (and my not-so-loved ring sling) and I have no shame anymore. Different families have different ways of handling their chaos. For me, it’s wearing my baby not in a wrap. I tried. They’re so pretty! But not for us. And that’s okay. πŸ™‚

If you really want to know, I still love the Ahoi. I’d be down for a wrap conversion buckle carrier. Actually, yes. That would be perfect!

You can read more about the different types of carriers at my Babywearing 101 at Frugal Greenish Mama.


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  1. I opted for a carrier! I was just horrible at wrapping πŸ™ I was so worried my baby would fall out, I just didn’t have faith in my wrapping skills!

  2. Honestly, I’ve tried so many wraps and none of them have been for me. I’ve never felt that my baby is truly secure, nor have I been comfortable. Now, that’s not to say that I won’t try another brand or style, it just means that I’m less likely to throw money at a wrap. For this pregnancy, I found an Ergo on super clearance through Albee Baby and bought it. I’ve always like the structured carrier and felt comfortable in it. I feel like I’m missing that close-ness of the wrap (and how much others love their wraps), but everyone is different I guess. Enjoy your Ergo!

  3. I was a baby carrier as well, but not a wrapper. I just liked front carriers when they were under a year and then my back carrier when they were over a year.

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